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  1. Hi Guys, I want advice before I dip more $$$ in my BA XR6T running a FG F6 motor making 413rwkw on E85 which seems to be either a blown head gasket or cracked head. My pride and joy has started blowing allot of white smoke over the last couple of weeks on cold starts. Also about a week ago I was under full boost and suddenly fealt and heard what seemed to be heavy misfiring so I backed off and took it to my tuner for further investigation. Suspected spark plugs and replaced them and also found the fuel pump not working properly and suspected to of been running lean for a while so replac
  2. I have the car back and it feels amazing! I will update the main post soon.
  3. Get the tune and you will not regret it. I have had my car tuned through many stages of upgrades and changes but I am always really impressed with how smooth everything runs. The first tune I ever had was with just a cooler and air box upgrade and I could not get the smile of my face :-)
  4. Well it's been a while... Over the past year I have gone through 6 diff centre bushes and the issue has now come around again. This time no stuffing around. New independent motorsport rear diff hat, and harrop truetrac while the diff is out... why not. Now I can't handle getting all this done not to get some more power so here comes the e85 tune! I'll post an update soon, picking car up on Wednesday
  5. What makes shockworks the best? I know pedders are not good for being slammed but that's not what im after anyway. I want lowest legal height with as much comfort as possible.
  6. Hey guys, I have some severe clunking at the moment and have had pedders run through there diagnostics to find I have 2 failed shock absorbers which is understandable as these are stock and have about 200k km on them. I am already looking into coilovers to find complaints about all of them as you do. They are in the same price range as most others out there such as tien, xyz, shockworks etc... Whats the feedback on these pedders extreme xa's? I am only lowering a inch max I just need a good balance for everyday driving and some track time.
  7. Will be interesting to see the result of you trying bp again.
  8. All good mate its a Walbro 460. Thanks, they make the front end look tougher haha. Thanks mate, this forum is where I found all the advice I needed aswell as some from the tuners. With 265's on 19x9.5 rears she will kick hard under full boost in first, second, third and sometimes forth with just me in the car. I am using cheap tyres will go some better ones and 275's next and she should be much better.
  9. Cheers sixman, some thinking to look into and think about. I don't want to change diff gears as I dont want them shorter and if they are taller I will lose some of that pull that's great Jet I'll be hitting you up for goodies MattyP that's all I was originally going to do. The precision seems to meet all my needs where as the garrett gets close but cant meet at all areas
  10. That's impressive on stock valve springs. I currently have a 600hp built tailshaft. The gtx3576 just lacks that mid to top that I want for the straights. I am pretty set on the precision I think, what front and rear housing should be used any idea? Its my daily but I go to the track once a month or so. Mainly track for racing on the straight with rolling start around 40km
  11. Lol @ k31th.. very true Atomik Valve Springs and billet oil pump gears are currently in it. Thanks sixman its not all about the power its more so how its delivered. Currently on track days it takes to long to spool and get power on rolling starts. Need nearly 60kms in second gear to get spool happening fast. The precision seems to be the win, how much boost can the f6 bottom end hold on stock pistons and rods with 98?
  12. This is a very nice machine. If only I had some cash spare.. dam mods haha
  13. If I went an e85 tune on my current setup I would be making approx 430rwkw Jet can look after me with a gtx35 supercore. I can't make up my mind as the precision costs more and seems to be little gain. I only have a single walbro 460 at the moment, dont think it will cut it for e85. Thanks k31th, its been a long progress which has deemed to be expensive but shes my pride and joy
  14. Where is a good place to get precision turbos in brisbane? Can anyone assist with the previous post cheers. Sent from my SM-G925I using Tapatalk
  15. Hey sixman I have looked into the 6235, what front and rear housing are you using? Whats the f6 bottom end good for? I have upgraded billet oil pump gears. I am hoping with the new turbo to not increase boost past the 18 psi im already running Sent from my SM-G925I using Tapatalk
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