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  1. After the hassles I went thru... Absolutely... I reckon I wud hav squeezed extra KW with the low Comp + extra boost
  2. Just to further ad to our previous conversations on my engine build post Mat... My last car ... An r31 RB30t... I built it with CP NA forgies... Tuner couldn't run more than 8psi on 98... Few people said the tuna was the problem, but in the end I ended up running E85 full time... I'd bet you'd hav to do the same ... Forget risking 98 Mat
  3. Just an update... Emailed Brett from Shockworks... BA-BF Coilovers are $2200... Delivery to Syd West is $60... Sounds like a value upgrade. Question... Currently have Pedders generic red urethane front lower control arm bushes ... Harsh as... Was thinking of a change to super-pro? Any other recommendations?
  4. J... I'd just take the plunge & go & see Independant motorsports & do the same to your Terror as what this guy has. I'm from Sydney but plan on a trip to Melb to get my ZF upgraded to a stage 2 from Nizpro... Y?? Mate they have the runs on the board... These forums are great as they give you an idea of what does & doesn't work. Good luck mate .. Luv to see another territory in the 10s
  5. Spoke to brad @ Als race glides ... Said was an FG that's run an 8?? No one heard??
  6. Am being serious masdang!!! ??. Wel knowledge is King & another convo with John ... Says they've done numerous xrs with 500+ rw without plate changes which r still going ok... As the only concern with these pumps are the sintered gears disintegration... It should b fine
  7. So if I am not planning to increase revs past current limiter (not sure if 450ish rwkw is possible) there's no need 4 this?
  8. Am hearing & understand all yr theories... But yes... If the backing plate isn't worn.. There won't b any pressure bypass through the plate... And assuming relief valve mod just holds more pressure inside Ye engine through harder Spring... Anyone change Spring themselves?
  9. Ok I msged Intune & John stated that he rarely sees a need to replace backing plate. Suppose il find out once it's stripped
  10. Genuine intune on eBay http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=172192821665&globalID=EBAY-AU
  11. So finally got a set... $170/tyre F&B from AAA tyres castle hill. AWESOME VALUE!!!! Not as good thru the corners as Potenzas... But great dry/wet grip... Handles 300rw pretty dam well. And real quiet
  12. Part of my Engine rebuild will require Pump rebuild with 4340 gears ... Noticed intune sell them 4 $389 4 the FG... BA/BF are $429... Wudnt they b the same? What other brands do people recommend ?
  13. Great info luke ... Thankyou ... I do understand yr hi comp favouritism .... But I want to b able to run on 98 as well as possibly E85... My last car (r31 RB 30t ) was tuned on E85... Mainly cause the pistons used were too high to run on 98... In short was a pain as I had to travel out of my way to fill up... & as it's also my only set of wheels I also take long trips with her. Curious ... Did u buy the engine from a salvage yard or do u own an F6? If U bought how much?
  14. Thankyou ralf... I will let you know 4 sure... But was under the impression FGs don't suffer from this... My mate worked @ peter warrens & said FGs didn't seem to suffer... Even tony from Tunehouse had the same opinion ... Let's hope this wks
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