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  1. Good advice. So if I was smart and lowered my expectations down to 11 seconds, whats the general consensus on max safe(ish) power before you start to break things?
  2. Hi guys, I currently have a stock SY Territory which I really like. Practical, comfortable and great for the family. Recently I've been reminiscing about my old BF XR6T with 265rwkw that I got rid of a few years and have started thinking why not upgrade to a Territory Turbo. If I do it, I want to go all the way this time. This one on youtube has inspired me of what theyre capable of as it appears to be into the 10 seconds. So, will it be as simple as looking on carsales for something like this one, then hooking up with a good tuner and giving him buckets of $$$ ? Is that too many k's to be winding up to that sort of power? What would be a rough budget for that sort of power? This vehicle will be a daily driver with kids in the back going to school and running around the shops. I just really like the idea of being able to smoke any Late model camira at the lights on the odd occasion in a family bus. Am I dreaming or is this something practical to aspire to? What could be the potential pitfalls in the process of getting it tuned? Can anyone recommend a competent experienced tuner in the south east suburbs of Melbourne? I appreciate any advice..
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