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  1. Breeze_xr

    Remsa Pads

    I have had my remsas fitted with Dba t3s for a month and they are really good They are a little dusty but I have found the brake dust is easier to clean off than my old pads I have found them to be pretty good on the noise side of things too, they don't squeal at all and the only noise is under harder braking you can hear them but it is still pretty quiet Only thing I have noticed is that moving in slow traffic the pads seem to grab at the rotors and make shuddering noises but this is only on start stop sort of thing Regardless of this I would recommend them to anyone the stopping power and
  2. That's what I love about my desk at the office Out the window I can see my car and a nice river view :-)
  3. My bf mk2 came with a 17" steel rim as a spare And it's not an ex cop car
  4. My mate bought a bf xr6t a couple months ago and when I drove it I noticed the same problem you did He replaced his coil packs and it has been gone since then
  5. I have noticed mine doing it too especially now that it is getting colder Only does it once then it's all good when it is warm I had my zf serviced 12 months ago with genuine zf fluid
  6. I had one fitted 6 months ago and it recently developed a hole in it It was a cheap one from eBay that was a composite material I am getting it replaced on Thursday and the turbo specialist doing the work explained that running a gasket is best but to fit a crushable metal gasket so it stays together
  7. Breeze_xr

    Remsa Pads

    I fitted some of these pads to my car on the weekend and have been very impressed with them They have great I initial bite and feel very predictable Definitely a lot better than whatever was fitted before
  8. It felt good to finally drive my car without brake shudder after replacing the pads and rotors
  9. Fitted new rotors and pads on the front Remsa pads and Dba t3 slotted rotors Will be fitting rears tomorrow They feel great so far on a quick test drive will be even better once they are bedded in
  10. I have a bf mkii in breeze and mine has the stitching and xr logo on seats the same colour as the paint
  11. Ok thanks for all your help<br />I guess I am going to have to bite the bullet and just get it done
  12. My uncle who is a recently retired mechanic told me about it and I had heard on here that there is a tool that could do the Diff bushes without removing the cradle<br /><br />Ok thanks that answers my question about the blade bushes so it is the Diff bushes that is driving up the cost of it
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