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  1. Happy Birthday Lazz1007!

  2. Happy Birthday Lazz1007!

  3. FG XR6T

    FG XR6T
  4. Happy Birthday Lazz1007!

  5. 325Rwkw Fg Finally!

    Yeah mate, Im pushing 330 onmy Fg with 12pd actuator. Ive got a Manta dump and cat with the 2.5 twin xforce cat back and it handles it fine.
  6. Mods To Power Comparison

    2008 Fg XR6 Zf trans Power: 327rwk Boost: 15psi Valve springs: Crow cam springs Zorst: Manta 4inch dump and twin crossflow cats with Xforce twin 2.5" catback. Intercooler: Stage 2 Nizpro cooler and piping. Fuel system: ID 1000 injectors Induction: Modified K@n airbox Turbo: Stock with 12lb actuator. Tuning: Xcal 3 box, Tuned by XFT
  7. 0-100 Times

    Pb was 5.24, 2008 FG using the Gtech pro. Only mods were cat back xforce zorst and xr8 box.
  8. Happy Birthday Lazz1007!

  9. Xcal 3

    That really sucks nuts
  10. Looks brilliant dude! I have the same car, colour and bonnet. Love everything about it. Nice detailing too! I will keep an eye out for ya on da STREETE. Im FG 82 WA!
  11. Xr50T Standard/ Basic Modded Rwkw?

    My 2008 FG turbo with k@n filter and cat back, made 264 rwkw. I was wrapped!
  12. Yeh no probs mate. For the 2.5 x force stainless was $1300 fitted and $75 bucks for the k@n filter. Dyno run included. Ive used Genie twice now, and they have been great. Some people think they are over priced, but id rather pay $100 extra and know Im getting a quality fitment.
  13. Supercharged Intake On Fg Xr6T

    I just bought a one from Titan ford in Perth. The supercharged Gt air box and snorkel is the exact same part number as the xr8 set up. And yes, it fits into my fg turbo perfectly
  14. You might be right mate. Maybe it is running leaner. Im pretty new to the modding game, so I can only go by what the dyno print out say's. But..... Im learning. A dump, cat, injectors and tune is next on my list. If I can crack 300rwks for an everyday driver....Im happy.
  15. I just recently bought a 2008 fg turbo. I drove out of the dealership and drove straight to Genie exhaust and Dyno, in Perth WA. They fitted a 2.5 inch X force, stainless cat back exhaust and K@N panel filter.It was dyno'd @ 264 rwks and 355 rwhp. Due to a double booking they couldnt do a pre fitment dyno unless I re booked for another day. So, I said fu$k it, and just do the final dyno and see where I stand " I didnt want to wait". Going by what most people say, the fg xr6t puts out about 220 to 240 rwks stock standard. So...... I reckon that's a pretty good result for a non tuned car.

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