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  1. Overline icc

    ha ha thanks I still have the same xr its super clean only 100,000km
  2. Overline icc

    I will thanks
  3. Overline icc

    Does anyone know how the overline icc replacement performs with an iphone, for music transfer ect and does the screen dim when headlights are on? and are there any other options in the pipeline regarding icc replacement other than a single din unit.
  4. Happy Birthday simmo!

  5. Happy Birthday simmo!

  6. B Double Vs Xr6

    xr8 bonnet on its way
  7. B Double Vs Xr6

    again no cars involved!
  8. B Double Vs Xr6

    If I did write my car off I could of bought this!
  9. B Double Vs Xr6

    I agree the majority of truckies are ok,I have mates that are trukies and even they say there are cowboys out there,apparently if you own a modified car you are a idiot driver that's probably why I crashed .lol, here is an example of a 'good driver' no other cars involved.thanx everyone for the well wishes.
  10. B Double Vs Xr6

    yeah its not as though the car doesnt stand out,I also had my lights on.
  11. B Double Vs Xr6

    na I was too busy stunt driving to check lol
  12. B Double Vs Xr6

    and for the record ,...not one person stopped inc the truckie!
  13. B Double Vs Xr6

    driving north on hiway last weekend ,pouring rain I was passing a b double up a hill doing 90kms he decided to change lanes as I was half way along side I naturally went right and hit the concrete divide.doesnt look that bad but I ended up killing 2 rims and tyres plus front damage. needless to say I needed new undies,but the old girl will live again with an added xr8 bonnet
  14. Happy Birthday simmo!

  15. Ba Unstable In Rear

    thanks for reply ill check bearing movment

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