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  1. july 07 update pack had leather , premo sound , dual zone standard with clock on top of icc aswell , nov upgrade added the body kit accents in case any one was interested
  2. does any 1 know what size resister should be used with 1 of these pumps for correct pressure , sozz to try undercut kpm as this is my quick fix til I can afford and utilize your big dual banger
  3. cheers mate wasn't sure if lower bracket differed from bfmk2 to ba etc
  4. I currently have stock fg xr6t front springs on my bf2 , it sits about 315mm from center of hub to middle of arch which is abit to low for my liking lol , I know a few have put ba bf coilovers in there late mk2 with no probs , but I might be able to get a cheap set of fg coil overs . so the question is can I raise with coil overs or only go lower as I would like an extra 20 mm in height or will it just be safe to keep an eye out for b series style , cheers
  5. out of interest , the single pump setup , is that just a stock swirl pot ? and have you had any tests done with a b series sedan as I have a bf and belive that the reason I get fuel cut under 1/4 tank ( mine did this stock under full wot ) is the design of the fuel tank with how it goes over the rear cradle where as the fg doesn't do this which would result inless runaway with fuel under throttle , just a thought , cheers
  6. seen vids of a stock fg f6 and gt335 running around 12.2 stock at wsid , these better run 11.8 or less or fail imo for the hype that there delivering as both fpv were on stock dunlops aswell .
  7. very interesting post to say the least lol ,and good for you if your happy impellor but I do belive that the extra work you done would only show if it is its worth when chasing another 100rwkw with the correct supporting mods of coarse .
  8. my car is tuned with vcm suite ( hp tuners ) and im happy as larry , I think sct might have a few more advantages but the main 1 is that most tuners that tune our cars are most familar with it as I think the best software is what your tuner is best capable with .sounds like the tuner you used is better at talk then torque hope you have better luck with your next as the 2 mentioned above over there have good feedback from what I have read
  9. this will bolt straight upto a bf yeh ? only been seeing posts regarding to fg's so hope not a silly Q lol and lil off topic why do fg's milkshake more often then a bf ?
  10. don't think he had too , I cut mine was gonna weld an extension etc but ended up just running hose from cut to under the manifold where I done another cut before it splits off in other directions , looks stock still imo unless know other wise
  11. check out immersion imaging , they have a facebook page and do some awesome stuff
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