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  1. riptide

    Ticking Noise Very Loud..

    Did this ever get fixed? I have exactly the same symptoms, Cheers
  2. riptide

    Modding Your Fg Xr6/g6E Turbo Take 2

    Any opinions on whether an xforce twin 2 1/2 full mild steel system with 4" dump would make more power on less boost? At 15psi I would expect a little more wouldn't I? Also I don't want much noise so I'm wondering if this is the best option. If the boss is gonna chuck some federal fz-201 semi's on the back I need to be able to chirp them
  3. riptide

    Modding Your Fg Xr6/g6E Turbo Take 2

    The dyno is a mainline. Graph only shows power and torque so might not be much use. Doesn't show boost or AFR. 280@4,500rpm It's fairly responsive and it's nice power to drive but I expected a little more. I seem to recall a post from Ratter tuning the Mrs FG and getting about 320 but I can't find the post. I followed your build Steve. That was a good time you got. I'm used to running 360kw so not sure what this feels like.
  4. riptide

    Modding Your Fg Xr6/g6E Turbo Take 2

    Yeah, pretty good all round except for the diff bush. One company owner, two drivers 200k's is nothing on one of these in my opinion. We got the tune and only making 280kw. Seems a bit light to me for the mods. The only restrictions are the standard intake box with k&n and standard exhaust minus the cat. Running 15psi boost. 1,000cc Injectors 700hp plazmaman cooler and piping New solenoid Turbosmart 7psi Actuator Tuned at ctb Runs 773nm torque so it's a good solid drive and has instant response Any experience opinions would be appreciated
  5. riptide

    Modding Your Fg Xr6/g6E Turbo Take 2

    A little update: Took it for the tune last week but it wouldn't hold the boost down and the tuner changed his tune on whether it needs a cooler and piping so we have bought a turbosmart 7psi actuator and ordered the 700hp intercooler and piping from plazmaman which should give us a nice safe 310kw or there abouts. He said it was already running ~255kw so was already running higher than normal boost so we assumed either a perforated diaphragm or sticky solenoid. Cat is now gutted and a little noisier. Might lag the pipe. Will post back after completion
  6. riptide

    Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    I downloaded 3dmark from techpowerup much more interesting than furmark I got 11,827 from my Gigabyte GTX980 G1 running 1440x2650 graphics score 14,555 70.04 fps and 57.72 fps physics score 10,425 33.1 fps combined score 5,368 24.97 fps
  7. riptide

    Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    On a side note the performance gains from the water cooling and good supporting parts were huge. I used the test from http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/high_end_gpus.html and my 3D benchmark result was 11,424 well above a standard GTX980 of 9,753 and close to the GTX980Ti 11,542 average I delided the CPU and ran the cooler directly on top with some CL TU paste set the multiplier on the cpu to 40x (4GHz) but left everything else in tact for idle ramp up and down purposes ran the standard xmp memory profile for the ram and that was it
  8. riptide

    Modding Your Fg Xr6/g6E Turbo Take 2

    This will be XR6T No.6 we have modded now. Three utes and three sedans. We're a small engineering company with a car hoist in the middle of the shop We did the 400kw ute with all the Plazmaman fruit and since then it's been like what's the least mods we can do for the most gain. Picked up a nice blue 2010 FG T with only 198,000k's on the clock with one owner for $13,700 so the whole package will be peanuts really Didn't have to suck anything
  9. riptide

    Modding Your Fg Xr6/g6E Turbo Take 2

    It's not the money that's the issue The boss just bought the new: FG-X manual supercharged 2016 Mustang (for the wife) 2016 RS Focus with drift mode (picking up next week) and he already has a 2007 BF2 ute with 400rwkw He just wants to see if it really needs it I have hinted about three times that we should do the cooler and piping but I guess he wants to see what we can do for under $2.000 I would love to keep my BF but the body is starting to deteriorate a little and I need the cash I really just want to know other people's experience with stock piping on the FG (minus the elbow)
  10. riptide

    Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    I know right I never went in there for years for my bits because of the name name's munternet on BF4 Maybe some of you have killed me....
  11. riptide

    Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    I bought most of my parts from Justlaptops and he wanted some pics for his facebook page
  12. riptide

    Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    My PC is a little old now running a gtx980 and 4770k with Samsung M2 pci-e SSD Plays BF4 at 1440 without ever having a problem https://goo.gl/photos/34mQkAzQ5Vog9mXm9
  13. riptide

    Modding Your Fg Xr6/g6E Turbo Take 2

    Hi guys, haven't posted for a while Just got a 2010 FG as a company vehicle so the old 360rwkw BF has to go. We are looking for 300rwkw + but I will not be racing, only overtaking and giving it a squirt to settle the Holdens down. So far we have changed the plugs to BKR6E-IX Fitted K&N panel filter Replaced the plastic elbow with a cast one Will be gutting the cat before tuning and CTB will be fitting Bosch 1000cc matched injectors on July 25th prior to tuning. We have not changed the inter-cooler or piping because the boss wants to see if it holds together first and we hardly see temps over 30c here in Auckland and hoping it's the heat that softens the plastic. I was wondering if anyone else has tried similar and what pipes, if any, might be the first to go? In case of emergency I will carry some duct tape to get me home and then tell the boss I told you so when he has to buy the Plazmaman cooler and plumbing
  14. Problem is still there :( Not a major though. I even tried fitting an earth cable from the front to the battery in the rear. It's only when the loading is super high and it happens like a switch going off. I'm wondering if the alternator actually cuts on purpose when the air-con does and the headlights run on the lower battery voltage. It's only under WOT I'm going to assume that's what it is
  15. Happy Birthday riptide!

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