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  1. Happy Birthday axeman85!

  2. Happy Birthday axeman85!

  3. Happy Birthday axeman85!

  4. Happy Birthday axeman85!

  5. axeman85

    Qantas Wtf

    mate you dont understand and never will. qantas has been around for 90 years and we worked hard for our current conditions. Our counterparts like jetstar and virgin are new in aus so they start from the bottom. Its only a matter of time before you see jetstar and virgin striking
  6. axeman85

    Qantas Wtf

    mate theres no comparison. Your not responsible for hundreds of thousands of passengers every year.
  7. axeman85

    Qantas Wtf

    ill tell you why pilots get paid more than the PM. For one shes a useless redhead and two pilots are carrying hundreds and thousands of passengers every year 40000ft in the air. Pay them whatever they want I say
  8. axeman85

    Qantas Wtf

    We've set up these pay and conditions over the last 90 years. Was all that work for nothing. Ill take a pay cut if everyone in australia does the same thing. If we're all on sh*t money then prices for everything will come down and everyone could afford the basics. And your forgetting one very important point. As an engineer at qantas, if I make a mistake and an aeroplane crashes I do jail time. Not Mr Joyce. He could pretty much cripple the company and never see a jail cell. Its a huge responsibility for us. I bet nobody on this site would ever have to go to jail for their job. The responsibility is worth good pay I say. But im sure you'll disagree because you can sit in your computer chair and type whatever the f*ck you want but you'll never know the full story because of one simple thing. YOU DONT WORK FOR QANTAS
  9. axeman85

    Qantas Wtf

    ive heard it all before. I work for qantas engineering and basically just imagine it was your job. How bout I ask you not to come into work anymore because some f*ck in asia can do your job for peanuts. Lets see how you like it. And when one falls out of the sky because of improper maintenance from asia dont whinge and whine like little b*tches. Just hope its not my family because no doubt it will happen
  10. Happy Birthday axeman85!

  11. I have a set of white ones for sale. brand new, never used. sold my xr6 before I could put them on.

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