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  1. Happy Birthday turbo ute79!

  2. Happy Birthday turbo ute79!

  3. You workin in Gladstone now aren't you? You will have to come round for beer sometime.
  4. Happy Birthday turbo ute79!

  5. Just a little update on the ute. Have been pretty slack with it last year or so. Engine has a few more goodies and is ready to go back together. Looking like changing from plazmaman to a hypertune plenum. Getting the bug back and can't wait to have it back on the road.
  6. Happy Birthday turbo ute79!

  7. Looking good. Maybe I should lay off the hrs at work and start getting stuff together for mine. Sometimes we need to be reminded life is short. All the best bud il be in touch soon.
  8. Ok, so the wife and I are looking at a new (ish) car. Have pretty much narrowed it down to an fg f6 or maybe a 335 gt. Wife does not like the bonnet bulge or the styling of the gt so it is pretty much ruled out. We test drove a 2012 auto clubsport yesterday and it was to be honest a really nice car. Local ford dealer has 2010 fg f6 in and we drove that to. Wife did not think f6 was as smooth or as nice as the clubsport. Thing is we are trying to compare a 2 year old car to something 3 days old. Is there any difference between the drive of an fg f6 from when they came out to the latest one. Is it worth buying brand new over a runout model or a low kms example. Is there really that much difference in the ride of a brand new f6 compared to a clubsport. Car we are looking at has 16k on the clock and they are asking 57k which I think is a bit steep. I was thinking 52k would be a good price. Has leather, no sat nav, no big brakes or tow pack car is auto. And in pretty good nick. Any advice or help would be appreciated.
  9. Im in my new house now. Bulk dirt bike tracks 100m from my drive. I pretty much park the truck put riding gear on and head out. Instant speed fix. I did look at my ute the other day though.
  10. Got to give you bulk points for determination. When I get back from work I don't even feel like looking at mine at the moment. Lol engine builder and wife are on to me to pull my finger out so I might ave to do something soon.
  11. Umm nope. Been flat out at work since engine came out. Have not looked at it.
  12. I have the one out of my ute. Have npc twin plate clutch. Make me an offer. Clutch is 3k worth by itself. Pm me.
  13. Are you still after a manual gearbox Kent?
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