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  1. Happy Birthday SPIKO!

  2. Happy Birthday SPIKO!

  3. Happy Birthday SPIKO!

  4. Congratulations John & Jamie, the old girl is really starting to move now, I gather that was on relatively soft boost settings as well... Got to be happy with that guys!
  5. It is equivalent to neither Jet, our cylinder head program is full CNC and we utilise a totally different and superior valve train with max oversized valves and totally different spring pressures, our bottom end also goes through a totally different crank lightening and hardening procedure as well as billet main caps fitted with custom pistons and rods to suit. So you really can't compare them at all my friend!Hope this helps (loud thinker) ......;-) Mummba it's running a very old cast comp wheel GT42 at the moment, the cylinder head extreme efficiency has dropped the boost levels substantiall
  6. It's a DLM!-Spec 798r Jet 4.0L
  7. Just glad your happy with the results of that tired old cast GT 42 on it Brandon. Happy days and please be careful on the road my friend..
  8. Very strong results indeed through the auto! Well done Karl and crew keep up the good work!
  9. So far so good buddy, chemo seems to be finally working pretty well, I have no complains thus far all has been as good as it can be under the circumstances, thanks for asking bud... On a different note can't wait to get the car finished and on the road again...;-)
  10. Very nice indeed Wanago, plenty of time and money has been utilised on this build! It all looks like that has occurred in the right places, best of luck on the race track, you have one very serious contender now for the winning numbers and records, drive carefully and stay safe...
  11. Hey Mastika, Project is moving along nicely, have pulled the engine completely down after the engine Dyno work to check it over and refresh it with new bearings etc before we chuck it in the car, I have also removed the stage 6 head that has been freshened up as new and will be put on sale shortly to make way for testing our monster stage 7 cylinder head that will be going on the motor for further R&D as well as power and analytical changes being meadured next time round, the car should be back together by the end of March god willing everything goes to plan.. Cheers Spiro DLM
  12. There are plenty of photos on our website my friend, as with any ultra high performance engine parts they require a proffessional and experienced machine shop in order for the fitting to go without complications, we do offer the parts on there own however only offer warranty if we perform the work ourselves.. Cheers DLM
  13. And here are some pics of the bottom end, Brandon is receiving one of the lightest and most precise rotating assemblies on the market. Modified crank, billet main caps 9/16 head studs, laser diamond bore and hone etc etc. not long now bud and you will be on the road again!
  14. Happy Birthday SPIKO!

  15. This is not an Envy Dyno tuned car fellas, this is the little dragon that has been tuned by CV Performance initially, it was then fine tuned further because of changes by Brent Daniels close friend, it runs a DLM-Spec 1098r engine and a mental Precision turbo as well as our DLM race port plenum and TBA 105mm, those 8.2 pass was performed in its first outing and on very low boost!!! The Little Dragon has much left in it just to put it lightly!!! Stay tuned for the next test session, you will all ascertain at that point how mental Daniel's car has become, and yes it's a BA XR6..... Of-course spo
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