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  1. Happy Birthday ROJO-6!

  2. Happy Birthday ROJO-6!

  3. Happy Birthday ROJO-6!

  4. Happy Birthday Jamesy 88!

  5. Happy Birthday axeman85!

  6. Happy Birthday Jarrad!

  7. Happy Birthday Farkwiz!

  8. Happy Birthday RAMJ3T - LSTRIKE BFXR6MkII!

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  10. Happy Birthday ROJO-6!

  11. New Wheels And Springs

    I just pulled my springs out and the part no on the front is KFFL-57 SL so yours are STD height
  12. Wheels

    " staggered " means wider on the rear . a good combo is 19x8.5 onthe front with 245.45s and 19x9.5 with 275.35 on the rear I have this set up on mine ,
  13. New Wheels And Springs

    This really annoys me when people say that 19s are bigger than 17s..... it makes no difference to the height of the vehicle because the rolling diameter is the same... don't beleive me , check this handy link http://www.miata.net/garage/tirecalc.html on topic , I think you may have STD height in the front . I have SL front and rear and it is a lot lower than yours looking at the pics.
  14. Fg Front On Bf Falcon

    As soon as someone brings out a front bar that looks like the FG FPV bar , Racoon eys and all. I will be the first customer. they are so sexy. ( can't afford to upgrade yet , so this will be the next best thing )
  15. 04 Ba Xr6 T Idling Issue

    No , mine does the same thing aswell but it is auto . time to give the TB a good clean

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