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  1. Happy Birthday xr6t4life!

  2. Happy Birthday xr6t4life!

  3. Happy Birthday xr6t4life!

  4. depending on the model some came with those its supposed to help noise levels
  5. today I just changed over my passenger side engine mount to stop my annoying vibration on idle, it was a fairly simple job took about an hour, bolts were easy enough to get to but I cant find anywhere on the net the procedure to change out the drivers side mount, I really don't want to take my turbo off again just to get to the top bolt if I don't have to. so I was wondering if anyone has changed over the drivers side mount and not taken the turbo off, any pointers or tips would be great. or even just to clarify that it is necessary to take the turbo off would help cheers
  6. if it only has 8k on it at the moment it would be fine I would check/change the coolant though as the ford stuff doesn't stay up to spec for very long
  7. over the last few days I ended up replacing my front upper and lower control bushes and rear control blade bushes with superpro items saving me $600 labor. I was always worried about pressing the bushes in myself thinking a press is needed but after getting talked into it by a mate to have a crack it turned out to be a peace of piss all I needed was a hammer, chisel, 2 jacks, socket set and a small vice. out of all the mods my car has got the best mod to date is those control blade bushes as I can finally do skidys without the rear end banging about and feeling like its gonna fall off the car,
  8. Happy Birthday xr6t4life!

  9. im guessing its not good on the engine and not to do it?
  10. I have a bf xr6t modded with the works full zorst, intake system valve springs, ported wastegate ect running 13psi. well I finally got around to buying and fitting a boost guage today so when I went out for a test drive today she holds 13 psi perfect through 1st to 4th didnt try 5th. now the problem I was just fukin around had it in 6th gear (manual) put my foot down at 1500 rpm just so I could watch the boost rise well 2400rpm came by and 13 psi came by but it didnt stop not even the slightst bit, with in a second it was over 20psi so I took my foot off thinking wtf tried it again just to se
  11. this has happened to me twice in the time I have owned my car had me stumped but after a lot of fuking around it was just th beginning signs of your battery going to sh*t get a new battery and it wont happen for 2 years
  12. I dont know in kgs but most say its around half of the weight of the steel bonnet
  13. Happy Birthday xr6t4life!

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