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  1. Yeah I feel your pain. Mine were sent to heasemans for testing with "no issues" found. It was only after I took my car to them they identified the noise and replaced the shock bolt. Noise came back and I was at my wits end with the problem. I even contacted the ACCC for advice and they said its up to the store you purchased them from to provide a warranty or refund. I was about to do that but gave heasemans one more chance and luckily they replaced it with a brand new shock. If I were you I would say that you know that they have replaced shocks in the past and you want yours replaced. Good luck!
  2. You can try the new bolt. Initially it made the noise a bit quieter for me, but it eventually came back just as loud. If youre in Sydney take it to Heasemans as they are the Aus dealer for bilstein and ask them to test fit a brand new shock and if the noise disappears tell them to leave it in there. Otherwise take it back to the place you bought it from and ask for a replacement.
  3. Dont know if anyone else is still having this issue but the noise started to get worse again over the past 2 months. I took it back to heasemans and after 3 days of trial and error they replaced the left rear bilstein with a brand new item and sure enough the noise is gone! Its only taken 3 years on and off of me complaining. Must of just got a dud shock.
  4. Me too! Got a mate coming with his G6E Turbo and another mate with a soarer drift car. Can't wait...
  5. Yeah 322mm is standard for fg xr6 turbo, 298mm is for all other lower spec falcons I'm dyslexic and cannot turn off simple functions in tapatalk
  6. Awesome stuff. Im heading out to wakefield on the 22nd too with my slightly modified XR6T (nothing close to yours) Also got a mate bringing his stock G6E Turbo. Looking forward to it, should be a great day. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  7. I was dealing with Paul, he was helpful. I'm not sure sure about which side, I think it was both but I could be wrong. Let me know how you guys go
  8. Yeah its going good, I still have heard it a few times, but when I do its not as loud or as consistent, just a quick knock and that's it. Anything above a 6 volume and you'd have to be listening very carefully to notice.
  9. Well to be honest, it cost nothing as I let them know about the issue before the warranty was up, that was actually the third time ive been to the workshop. Even if yours is out of warranty I cant imagine them charging much for some bolt sleeves. Its a weird one because even though the problem wasn't directly caused by the bilsteins, the noise only happened with the bilsteins on the car.
  10. Ok just picked up the car, drove it home and it was near perfect! Sooo much better than before, im happy with the result, hopefully the noise wont come back. Apparently what they did was install a sleeve to increase the lower bolt shank diameter from 12.5mm to 13.8mm (thread diameter stays the same obviously) and it sounds like it has worked. It still doesnt explain why it didnt knock with the oem shocks. But anyway I would say to any1 with this problem to either try a sleeve or get a custom bolt made up, it should fix the problem.
  11. I've been in conversation with Sydney Shocks and they've been pretty helpful, they have just made up a 13.8mm bolt for the 14mm lower shock mount hole. So it seems that they think the problem is the lower bolt as opposed to the top. Once I have the bolts installed I'll report back.
  12. Channel 7 keep bragging about they have 180 cameras but they cant get a decent shot of the Scott Pye crash down conrod straight.
  13. ello678

    Kurt's Xr6T

    Good result, did u just use the stock cat with the restrictor ring removed?
  14. Yeah knocks are bloody hard to find. I even replaced my sway bar links before I knew it was the bilsteins. I can lend you my standard shocks if you're in Sydney, I'd like them back just in case the knocking comes back though!
  15. I didn't sorry. But I did manage to find a sh*tty quality pic on the net. The red dots I've marked are where the small indentations were (the inner flange). I removed the indentations in those spots only, by grinding them down a few mm I.e. I didn't grind down the whole inner flange. I suppose you could ground down that whole inner flange a few mm and it would have the same effect. Obviously if you didn't have these indentations in the first place then your problem lies somewhere else. The other thing I didn't mention before was, in my case the knocking was worse on the passenger side. So when I went to put the bilsteins back I swapped them around. I.e left shock on the right. I doubt that would have had an effect, but its worth a shot if the knocking noise is worse on one side.

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