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  1. Got a dyno graph?? At 12psi that's huge power!!! Are u sure it ain't hp?
  2. Could be heat sheilds around exhaust area/dump etc.
  3. Just look at my name haha and yep fg bottom end will fit bf
  4. Did joe say anything different tuning wise with an fg long motor into the ba?? My tuner can't get mine to idle properly with larger injectors, goes lumpy as and chews fuel at idle. Standard injectors in with standard tune and everything is perfect. We are stumped.
  5. I remember someone on here filling the rear cradle etc with expanding foam to quiten down rear end noise and he had accidentally filled the breather hose to the fuel tank and had same issue as u. Look around the fuel tank from underneath and u should see it.
  6. Was stiff shaft your choice or from advice?? What was your old driver?
  7. Brookwater is nice and pretty difficult. 2nd hole has a massive gumtree right in the middle of the fairway and at perfect driving distance.... Would love to win lotto and travel the country in a camper van playing all the courses along the way
  8. What's the best course you have played? Heaps of options on the coast from royal pines to emerald lakes but When I was in Bali I played NIRWANA. Soooooo good plus I had a caddie which was fun. Have also played Hamilton island which is an extremely tight tricky course with awesome views.
  9. Back in my home town (inverell nsw) for a week so will be playing the goat track again. Gotta love preferred lies on the fairway!!! Watching golf atm as well
  10. I did it in my bf, but 6sp Manual. Simple enough although I've had major dramas with my deka 60's hating the setup. But other than that check out my thread in here somewhere. FG LONG INTO BF is the heading .
  11. What balls u guys using? I was a srixon soft feel but now srixon qstar are the go.
  12. Man id1000 are over kill for what I want. Tuner likes id750's but I was just interested to know if anyone had used them? They are $300 brand new off a private seller, rrp is $650 I believe
  13. Ok so have worked out my issue well sort of.... Changed injectors back to stock, loaded stock tune and bam smooth idle and instant fuel at 1.8lt. Dunno y the deka 60's didn't like the fg setup?? Anyway moving on I'm looking at some deatschwerks 740cc injectors, any body used them?? Other than that im looking at the cheapest option to stay at current power level (346rwkw) and get a good idle. Thoughts??
  14. My biggest problem is I swing really quickly hence the stiff shafts, I also hit extremely high in the air which sux if u have a bit of a slice and its wind assisted, many an awkward moment hitting from 2 fairways across haha
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