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  1. Happy Birthday tim00!

  2. Happy Birthday tim00!

  3. Happy Birthday tim00!

  4. Happy Birthday tim00!

  5. Yeah sway bar links, I had mine go on fg at 7000km and now again at 16000 km
  6. tim00

    Rims 20''?

    Does any one know about qld? Looking at 20's on an fg ute that was stock with 19's, have been told a different story by different wheel shops which makes me wonder what to believe...
  7. Happy Birthday tim00!

  8. hey every one have been thinking about removing my air fuel gauge and going with the electric oil pressure gauge, was just wondering for the people out there who already have done this how do you find the full scale (the more expensive one) and the half scale(cheaper one), I see they both go 0 to 100 psi but just after a comparrison of the two if possible? also I have heard 2 methods of install, one being a sandwich plate between the oil filter and block and also tapping into the oil supply to the turbo, if any one has some experiance of this I would appreciate some advice, mayb what one is easier and possibly is one way more reliable? atm im leaning more towards the oil filter end of things. also if I go ahead with this I will have an afr gauge spare if anyone is after one? thanks for you help tim
  9. hey guys I had also had a problem with the revs droping, cleaned out the throtle body and it was back to normal again, that was about 8 months ago and ive never had it happen ever again, it seems this doesnt work for some ppl but I think if you havnt tried its deffinatly worth a try
  10. hey mate I think it may be worth having a look at a few different dealers, I picked one up from a dealer in brisbane for about $90 I think, the ba and bf secondary intakes are exactly the same also but have different product numbers and vary in price too by a little bit.
  11. yeah thanks mate I was thinking about that but didnt really want to strip back wires I didnt need to, but only the one I need to join, looks like I may have to but, have also heard that when hooked up these arent accurate at all (being narrow bandwidth) and just flash back and foreward between rich and lean and are more annoying than good, just wondering if any one has seen then in action??
  12. hey guys, just tried this, was very easy to do when you move the overflow tank and undo the clip which the solarnoid is located on, had the metal crimp which came off and went back on easy enough with a bit of pressure. the boost seems to be smoother and more effortless, not that it was bad in the first place, worth doing as it is very quick and easy, seems people have had varied results but it worth a go
  13. hey mate I have one, doesnt light up like the others, its only the lights arround the outside a little dissapointing. I have only hooked it up to the power and am wondering which sensor wire to hook it up to, how did u go with that? I have heard its a black one or a grey with pink stripe?

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