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  1. Happy Birthday bluesmuso!

  2. Happy Birthday bluesmuso!

  3. Happy Birthday bluesmuso!

  4. Happy Birthday bluesmuso!

  5. Happy Birthday bluesmuso!

  6. Yes I've heard the Garrett cores are up there with the best as far as cooling intake air goes, the monza looks nice though with the bling chrome look.
  7. I bought a used Rajab racing/Garrett intercooler, they are apparently very good! Thanks for all your replies people. Now it's just a matter of where to put my B&M transmission cooler behind the intercooler or in front of the intercooler or elsewhere if it doesn't fit.
  8. Stock xr6t cooler or stock F6 cooler? I've actually read on another forum that the BF F6 intercooler does perform quite well perhaps on par with the Monzas on Ebay
  9. Cheers K31th, I actually like the look of the silver over the black, I just don't want the car looking like the "Jun Supra" under the bonnet for insurance, cops etc. If the BF FPV cooler is as good as a wog/monza which are about $250 ish on Ebay that's good enough for me Would the F6 cooler make more noise than the stock BA xr6t cooler? (Have to take into consideration the fully sick Bro thing... or sorry officer thing LOL) I'd like a bit more induction noise than I have.
  10. I have the opportunity to get a 2nd hand BF F6 intercooler for about $100, but I have seen Monza/Wog aftermarket intercoolers on Ebay which are larger. I really want to keep my car as stock looking as possible but question the efficiency of the BA/BF F6 intercooler compared to the Monza aftermarket ones which cost around $210.00 off ebay these days. My car has a mild custom tune with about 250 rwkw's, I am aiming for 270-280 rwkw's but have a strict budget with more important priorities so the superior Process West etc coolers are not an option. So if the stock BA/BF xr6t intercooler is good for may be 240-250 rwkws what is the stock BA/F F6 intercooler good for? Go for the stock F6 cooler or Monza aftermarket? I realise the car will need re-tuning to allow for the cooler upgrade probably more so with the larger Monza.
  11. Hi are you negotiable on the 968 injectors? Will you take $250

  12. phantom I'm assuming yours is a 4 speed auto? As a manual will launch quicker (well quicker than mine anyway) albeit with excessive wheel spin, what a pity you cant have the turbo spooled right up at idle I have heard that autos (even 4 speed btr) can launch as quick or quicker than a manual if set up well. I've actually got a video of mine's 0-100 attempt which really shows the 0-40 ish dead spot but it's MP4 format and over 4 mbs in size so I dont think I can post it on here, I should youtube it and post the link, then someone here could see it and say "that's normal" or "there is something not right there."
  13. phantom xr6t, what's yours like at midrange and top end? Mine is mental at mid and top end and can put you sideways between 1st and 2nd gear changes on dry road unless you are driving perfectly straight but so piss poor off the mark it's embarassing, what tune have you had 10 psi ,generic ,custom,what rwkw's? cheers for the reply, the fact that your car is trying to break traction sounds like you are right on with your tune. I just got back from the shops and mine is pretty lifeless until above 2,500 rpm.
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