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  1. Does any one have a rough $ figure on converting a sloppy zf to a manual in a fg turbo? Curious as my ZF is very slack and bangs and bumps under load and generally sounds sick. Might be interested in a conversion rather then replacement...
  2. My fg turbo has same noise at 90-100 kph. Had a teary at my next service and they ordered me a new diff. 8 weeks later it fitted and no more annoying noises cruising on the highway.. Now to try get a new Interface. Then who knows what will give up next...
  3. If they sort out build quality issues I'm in. Would love a v8 sports car. Sick of big taxis with sh*tty v8s or turbos. Time for a real sports car to shake up the performance car scene in Oz.. Twin turbo could be interesting too.. Hopefully heaps of aftermarket upgrades and no leaf suspension though
  4. Hi all, I have a bf2 turbo ute with the zf auto and find that it is a strong gearbox that is smooth as silk and rarely (if ever) caught in the wrong gear. however when I looking to buy I was chasing a manual too, till I drove both.. I strongly recommend you drive both
  5. My car is a BF2 turbo ute and it uses 11-12.5 depending on traffic and mood but im happy considering the HSVs left behind in the mirror are using a hell of a lot more
  6. those GS's look pretty frickin' good im a fan and will definitely be looking into it. ive heard there set to be pretty popular so get in quick... hahaha
  7. in fact I know one that is absolute bargain compared to these. PM if you want to know more about it..
  8. I have seen typhoons similar model and equipment with half the k's for just a little bit more cost. and the x cop cars would have had a hard life...
  9. it took me nearly 18 months to get bored of my BF2 auto. so I went and got cai and tune feels heaps better with around 60rwkw extra from stock. been told that my tune was pretty conservative too.. all I need now is bigger cooler and injectors
  10. WOW here in canberra its one argument after another. the world needs more people like that bloke
  11. goodluck cant wait to read about end result
  12. I have a bf11 auto ute and with a custom tune alone I got 255rwkw on 10psi.. getting intercooler and injectors and been told by tuner that 300rwkw is within reach.. hopefully will be able to post in the 300+ section soon :headbang2:
  13. hi all, firstly best site for info on XRT, I have a BF2 late o7 build and just started modding it, found heaps of options on this site and tonnes of helpful info. thanks heaps...
  14. spotted on friday arvo on southside. not a turbo but was a toxic XR8. had some BOSS 347 decals on the bonnet and stickers and stuff, I thought it was all show but it went pretty well..
  15. upgraded from an AU3 Xr6. never once looked back haha...
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