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  1. Happy Birthday Djelibeybi!

  2. Happy Birthday Djelibeybi!

  3. Happy Birthday Djelibeybi!

  4. Happy Birthday BroKeN!

  5. Happy Birthday Billy Bunter!

  6. Happy Birthday MC llama!

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  8. Happy Birthday Djelibeybi!

  9. Thanks guys, great advice here. I think I'll definitely go with the SonyEricsson HCB30 kit, but I may get someone else to install it. I'm not that confident taking my car apart.
  10. Hey gang, I just got a new SonyEricsson bluetooth-capable mobile and I'd like to get an integrated handsfree kit for my BA XR6 (with premium sound). I should probably go with the SonyEricsson car kit, but since bluetooth is meant to be a standard (ha!), I thought I'd check here first to see what experiences others have had with other kits. Obviously, a key requirement is proper integration with the BA ICC, so that the sound automatically mutes when the phone rings and it uses the in-car speakers. Also, recommendations for good installers in Canberra appreciated. I'd like to have very little v
  11. I know its bad form reviving old threads, but I can't stand the Ericsson software either. Take a look at FloAt's Mobile Agent instead -- its GPL software, so its free to use -- http://fma.sourceforge.net. Took about 20 seconds to setup and it works like charm.
  12. I got LSD installed on my NA XR6 -- you can't get Traction Control though.
  13. I have a silhouette XR6 with white-on-black rego XR600. Usually parked on National Circuit (outside the Burns Centre), but hopefully it will start being parked underground soon. I'm trying to work a parking space into my new contract. :-)
  14. Sorry boys and girls -- my ability to SMS the logo has been cut off (I've lost my copy of Logo Manager, and I can't be arsed trying to find it, 'cos I'm too busy right now). When I do find it, I'll let you all know.
  15. Had a great time meeting all of you fine folk. Except, last night the car decided that it had had enough and died. :( Its sitting at the dealer this morning after getting towed by Ford Roadside Assistance last night. I'm still waiting to hear what's wrong with the damn thing. Edited to add that I should get my pics and some video footage online during the next long weekend, I hope.
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