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  1. mines running an autronic sm4 with 500r cdi...wasnt any trouble when it was installed with te right hands. I got rid of the vct as it was f*cking up. runs wicked now. its an expensive idea but
  2. got no more money to put into this stuff!!, I thought I would never sell it like most people say about their toys but sometimes you realise theres more adrenaline to be had in experiences, experiences that cant be had with money pits like cars that do tyres weekly and get 200km a tank. no licence for another year...
  3. if you want to borrow some suspension and slicks your welcome to use mine
  4. training is 1/3 motivation 1/3 nutrition and 1/3 what you actually do. balance is the key.crossfit style training is the best by far. get your body alkaline. and run
  5. yeah its the building part I liked, seems to be too much hastles to get everyone together to go out. this thread tells pretty much all about the car. whoever buys can have the fun of trying to get that 9 without anymore f*ck arounds..ive got a few plans, bit more se asia, bit more training maybe climb a mountain, really keen to go to french fl but who knows the past is history the futures a mystery! cant seem to get much interest in it so all offers considered.
  6. http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/ford-falcon-2005-12816205?eapi=2&base=1216&vertical=Car&cr=35&page=3&find=xr6 9|CarAll&__N=1246+1247+1252+1282+1216&num=15&silo=Stock&sort=default
  7. well just for anybody interested, the cars for sale, there has been a bit more done to the car mostly sorting out little problems like stall converter adjustment, wheel alignment and gearbox check and freshen up after some seals let go...latest tune on e85 made 757hp with a (gt4202r, t400 box) thanks to hitorque they have more than helped me out with running me through the setup and doing a couple of runs down the quarter. the best being a 10.1 at 137 on about 22-23psi...driving these things is definately not as easy as I thought and seeing as I wanted to see 'how to do it' one of the boys from the shop did the fastest time, best I did was only 11.2 on 16psi rolling start. this is the rundown on how he did the run: stage, put in 2nd gear (because in first it creeps off the line before reaching full boost) and 2 on eboost (20psi), foot on brake stall till screamer opens, foot off brake/ hand brake off/ shift back to first gear (all at the same time!), hit 2nd gear and reach forward and click one setting up on eboost (24 psi)..im all out of money for this build and the fact ive lost my licence in a big way means I cant use this car like id like to (get a new boost map to get the 9)..if anyones interested in this car send me a pm for carsales link or pictures
  8. hey this sites great and it helped me build my car, I know some of you who know what im on about it, and sorry for being out of line letting my thoughts slip. but people acheive their own goals for their own reasons, and those who know do not speak, those who speak do not know. the worlds full of people wanting to be something special, and I think its childish to use money to get attention. im not a hater of this car its a masterpeice and full respect to the builders, I just gave a little comment on the ignorant level these 58 pages dribble, but yeah im here checking on some sh*t I read 2 months ago and the things not started yet or whatever. if you give away asmuch as you run your mouth your words would mean more to people on here if they could use all 'your' results (your=money paid to the guiniess mechanics and tuners behind work like this..so yours?yeah right) to help them build their own cars... I just know what kind of real passion it takes to fabricate all your own parts, engineer your own setup and be a part of driving and tuning the thing you made, for your own goals, f*ck the groupies...I can repost a video of spiro trying to do a skid if anybody wants?? im nobody and I dont know sh*t but atleast I admit it. I hope all you other blokes on here get asmuch as I did out of this site, just be careful with dudes fishing for business with crafty self selling bullsh*t. btw cant wait to see this car run a crazy time (with spiro at the wheel??)
  9. I dont get my friends off internet sites mate, nor are they people that hang around cos they think ive got a cool car, I havent posted in a while because I couldnt really care, the car is for sale and its run a 10.1 on low boost. and ive got more to do in my life than post about sh*t on the internet and run my mouth ill be back in thailand training as soon as I sell my car cant stand parrots like yourself get a life mate
  10. is this ever going to be rolling somewhere? 3 years of "its coming"?
  11. mines been running e85 for a while now. get the eflex stuff in jerrys and take it home think its e70-85 and can run 760hp on the street through the t400 on 27psi. way easier to get and cheaper than c16 or methanol
  12. whens this going to start rolling? been a while now...
  13. well I suppose somebnody did this . just not down with the jap/muscle crossbreeds
  14. is anybody else insulted and a alitttle sick from this?
  15. just get a ferrari and be done with it where you getting your cage done?
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