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  1. If you search through my old posts you will find a full write up of my old box. Thing was awesome no issues with the computer and if you are near Brisbane I can point you to the same guy to build it.
  2. My understanding is the T5 manual flexes and the case strips teeth off third gear. Not the 4 speed auto. Best and first mod auto trans cooler. When it comes time to rebuild it AU and before planetaries. Mine had an adjustable solinoid from gmh. 26ml oil pump from an ea auto. And all the usual stuff after that bands etc
  3. thanks guys I would like to try and keep the ford pcm so I can use all the functions on the auto. however the haltech does intrest me has anyone had the ebay guy "flash" a computer for them?. and what haltech runs the dual vct. any idea on $$$. any help would be great.
  4. Just like to clear up I am not looking for someone who has done the same thing, just anyone who knows what I would need to put it in a car that has no comps,ecu's bem's or bugger all harness of its own to splice to
  5. As above guys, last time I checked there was no aftermarket ecu that could run the barra with vct. any changes yet?
  6. all right guys I have a 1978 CL valiant ute low comp 245, auto. This was in my BA ute, now in a shed Xr6t engine with loom BTR 4speed BA pcm all ready tuned ------------- this is a BA NA ute pcm that had all security disabled and a xr6t tune put on SCT3 flash tuner matched to pcm Intercooler and piping boost gauge manual boost controller OBD2 port with approx 3" wiring (it was cut out of the car) The two body side ports for the engine loom and pcm loom. Again with small amount of wire Things I'm pretty sure I'll need BA accelerator pedal (with module) The wiring loom to make my bits co
  7. going more subtle than fpv rims, more like the xr8 ones
  8. Hey guys I am looking at either going to 17 or 18 inch factory mags to keep with the sleeper look just wondering what brake packages fit under which rims. thanks
  9. not sure yet mate, it's getting tuned in a few weeks at the moment it is running 7 psi,capa flash tune, pod, intake where the battery used to be, bigger cooler, and custom piping
  10. pics are comming, but all they really show is parts being there than parts missing than an engine on the crane halfway out of the engine than an empty engine bay, then a fullone. me and a mate where doing all the work and his monkey of a brother was sposed to be working the camera but facebook was more inportant damn facebook
  11. ok it's been back on the road for a while everything is running sweet. once I got the pcm sorted out it turned out to be a really simple conversion things needed: xr6 turbo engine with engine wiring harness intercooler and pipping ( I went with all aftermarket) turbo exhaust boost controller ( I went with turbotech manual boost controller) boost gauge flash tuner (tell c.a.p.a what you have done and they'll send you a tune that works) things not needed: xr6t pcm a trip to ford boo
  12. ok this is where the problems begin took it to ford and they said everything was fine, they programmed in the new computer and it wouldn't start. they ran a diagnostic and no fault codes came up. they reset the computer and tried again for three hours finally a fault code came up for a communication fail I think I need to wire in a wastegate solenoid and a boost pressure sensor to the pcm so it will stop having a cry had the car running twice on carby cleaner, then when the airlock was out it ran for a couple of seconds and died. everything else is fine car turns over any advice would be a b
  13. IT'S ALL DONE Hopefully, it goes to ford tomorrow to get the computers to talk and be friends, other than that pretty straight foward. it took a little longer than expected as there where too many smoke breaks and ducking out to grab this and that
  14. whats gotta happen with the wiring loom if I can avoid pulling it out and swapping it to the turbo one I would be happy as a wit a
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