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  1. Recently got a 03 xr6 ute for a work car. Problem I have is that when your driving on the road at say 60kph then take your foot off the gas peddle to revs dont drop and the car holds its speed, Its like the throttle is ever so slightly staying open. Could this be a TPS Issue? Cheers
  2. This is something I would love to do, barra turbo a SZ. What happened in the end? Did you go ahead with the swap?
  3. Should get a few numbers together and have abit of meet?
  4. Don't mind me but I'm going to follow this thread. It's exactly what I would like to find out also.
  5. Picked this up not to long ago. It's a 07 xr turbo. This one has been optioned with the full leather interior. Pretty standy ATM, has been de-bunged and has a K&N panel filter and 22 inch wheels. Because it's driven by the mrs all I'm gona do to it is lower it a touch, a plazmaman cooler kit, 60lbs, and an edit inc the zf, maybe a cat?? I live in Christchurch New Zealand so a little unsure how I'm going to deal with the edit as I don't trust any of the tuners here and you blokes over there are a lot more clued up on these, so I'm a bit stuck when it comes to that part.... I travelled around 1000km inc a ferry trip to purchase this truck as we were after a black one and got this for a good price. So all in all pretty happy.
  6. haha. Need to do plugs, and just used the search menu. As ya could tell im new to the forum and not the best at navigating the forum yet.
  7. can these be used on my 07 xr turbo terri?
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