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  1. Happy Birthday Trucka!

  2. Happy Birthday Trucka!

  3. Happy Birthday Trucka!

  4. Happy Birthday Trucka!

  5. The Ranga Is ...not on my xmas card list

    I can't believe you voted for the Greens Tab, I'm very disappointed in you.
  6. Happy Birthday Trucka!

  7. What Song Is Stuck In Your Head?

    I know what ya mean Buf I had that song stuck in my head last week after seeing them on the Today show. I've had 3 songs stuck in my head today (Los Del Rio - Macarena, OMC - How Bizarre and Bob the Builder), it's driving me insane.
  8. The Ultimate Game

    was down at gametraders yesterday and the owner told me that it was a guaranteed release for next thursday.
  9. The Ultimate Game

    that list is from 2004 and isn't accurate. Last I heard was that there will likely be between 950-1000 cars not the 1000s in that list. In any case we will find out in a couple of months
  10. Cod4: Modern Warfare 2

    yeah I'm on both PS3 (Kismos) and xbox (truckatemybaby). Game is so freakin addictive, it will be interesting to see what the multiplayer will be like in Black Ops.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dL5q7mjsv4 can't wait for the movie to come out.
  12. Joke Of The Day

    Carl Williams' dad visited him in jail earlier this week. He said to Carl "geez Carl, your getting a bit chubby; an exercise bike wouldn't kill ya".
  13. The South East Queensland Chat Thread

    yeah the Bruce looks like it would be fun, especially after some rain.
  14. The South East Queensland Chat Thread

    indeed, whereabouts do you usually go?
  15. The South East Queensland Chat Thread

    It's not the fuel I'm looking to save money on, it's the finance repayments. I should save at least $200 - $300 a month on the finance repayments, also in my particular situation I should save quite a bit on fuel coz I don't live too far from work and the T never gets off the warm up cycle. I'm lucky to get 400k out of a tank around town. I'll get back into a T down the track, but at the moment the repayments are killing me. Also looking at doing a bit more camping from now on so a ute will be good. I'll b talking to my bro-in law who owns a cruiser and knows anything that's worth knowing about them. In any case nothing will probably happen until after easter, I'm doing the research at the moment before I make the final decision on what to get. Yeah once I get everything sorted wouldn't mind having a play in the mud and christen the new beast.

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