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  1. Hey bud you still selling the box?
  2. Happy Birthday fpv747!

  3. Happy Birthday fpv747!

  4. Happy Birthday fpv747!

  5. Happy Birthday Benny_C!

  6. Happy Birthday Kittyr trash cat!

  7. Happy Birthday Trucka!

  8. Happy Birthday BF_Turbo!

  9. Happy Birthday fpv747!

  10. Happy Birthday fpv747!

  11. 10Second Xr6 With Only 360Kw

    my car ran 10.9 with 360kw and 4 speed at 126mph it is very possible
  12. good time at the track, seen you on friday night on baystreet give it a squirt nice.

  13. Project Manual Typhoon 9 Sec

    well done boys
  14. Gtech Ba Into The 8'S

    congrats what a beast well done

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