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  1. Happy Birthday jrfttf!

  2. Happy Birthday jrfttf!

  3. Happy Birthday jrfttf!

  4. Happy Birthday jrfttf!

  5. Happy Birthday jrfttf!

  6. Vic Night Cruise 4

    Top night had, thanks to the organisers of this event! Cruised up with some of the crew from frankganistan, excellent to see so many t's out! Have to this club has the best organised cruises I ever been on, been on a few in my time! Don't think the Diamond Creek macca's knew what hit them! Good to see the 5-0 just roll through and not give anyone grief! Dunno bout some of the young blokes getting lippy towards them! As for the discussed oil patch, caught a few people napping! All in all did just over 350km for the nite and was well worth every little bit of it! Good to see some photo's up, EvilDaifu liking your pics!!!!!!! Good to see anyone and everyone could have been in one of your pics! Thanks all for making it the nite it was, till next time!
  7. Vic Night Cruise 4

    im in, see you there!
  8. Vic Spotted & Chat Thread

    mint nite last nite, plenty of cars with some of the other boys, bit iffy on the random knobs turning up but to be expected with where it started, it was good they didn't cruise with the main group! Some nice vehicles out, and yes ill also say gallup sounded the part, as for prinny holy sh*t, have not seen the place that alive for a long time, here to some more nice fri nites to get the good gear out cruising!
  9. Vic Spotted & Chat Thread

    ill be down tonite to see a few of you boys and come for a spin, matty and henz got the walky talking u 2 are talking bout, works very well!
  10. Vic Spotted & Chat Thread

    Huge maybe pending circumstances as ya know MA77Y!
  11. Xcal 1 Going Offline Discussion

    When it grinds to a hault? it has ground to a hault bloke for pretty much everyone!
  12. Next Vic Cruise

    good little cruise last nite! Got cold but so worth it! Looking forward to the next one!
  13. Colour Code

    I have reason to believe it is called prysm! Same as what is on the bottom of the bars on the territory! Prysm doesn't have a actual paint code set by ford!
  14. This is where I put mine! Guys here have spoken about rear end collisions! I have put it here so that if boot is jammed shut it can still be accessed from either side of the car! My belief is also if your hit in the back hard enough the boot pops open most of the times!
  15. Vic Spotted & Chat Thread

    disappointing the run aint on but as not having its own thread its a bit of a dogs breakfast, but in saying that procedures do/need to be followed!

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