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  1. Happy Birthday xrlook!

  2. Happy Birthday xrlook!

  3. I had the same problem. Needs to be engineered. Save your money. Same motor different brakes and different colour leather. More options in a mk2 TTG and I prefer the mk2 front end and they all come in 7 seats. Ended up with an 09 mk2 TTG sleeper with 320awkw
  4. Thanks ratter for making the call mate
  5. Plazmaman has the territory turbo front mount intercooler kits with turbo side air filter. I was making 430hp at all wheels (321kw) with this kit plus injectors and debung
  6. Little project for tomorrow. I know once I hear it spool up a little louder I'm gonna want the turbo side filter kit FML.
  7. Received the muffler delete kit this morning. Thanks Masda74
  8. Your all over it Masda74. Top job on organizing this group buy and your time and effort is appreciated.
  9. I want 1 please if I'm not to late to order on the group buy...
  10. xrlook

    Territory Issues

    500-600. Avg 10 liters per 100 km freeway. 13-14 city 450km That's on 98
  11. xrlook

    Territory Issues

    The Climate Control has clear lighting
  12. xrlook

    Territory Issues

    Seat will fold down flat. Easy fit.
  13. xrlook

    Territory Issues

    About 450km in my TTG. Giving it a bit.
  14. Put a Kenworth or a Mack turbo on your Fg mate. U might have to wait till about 9000rpm for boost to come in strong. Then hang on
  15. Ticking time bomb. Watch out mate.
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