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  1. Happy Birthday Ezy10z!

  2. Happy Birthday Ezy10z!

  3. Happy Birthday Ezy10z!

  4. Happy Birthday Ezy10z!

  5. A VL with standard gearing, slicks, auto, and highstall with 255kw at the rears would do a mid to high 11. Robbie.
  6. I think it looks pretty good with the stripes but seriously how can you add that to a car and not increase it's power. Why are Ford so arse about when it comes to performance. Theres no reason why they couldnt increase the power of the typhoon to 300kw and GT to 320kw. The VE clubby looks pretty mean and it goes hard, and I think Ford really need to lift their game otherwise they will be left behind again. During a release like this it's a good opportunity to make up some lost ground on the VE clubby. Robbie.
  7. If its a standard PDF document you should be able to use the text select tool in Adobe Reader to highlight and copy into a word document. If it has some sort of security then use passware to crack it. Or just do a print screen and paste into MS Paint and save it as a JPEG image. Robbie.
  8. Ezy10z

    Mazda3 Mps

    Here is the full artcicle about the little Mazda3 MPS http://autoweb.drive.com.au/A_107073/cms/newsarticle.html Robbie.
  9. Steve, Judging from the pics the rollcage saved you from worst injuries. Thank god you had one in the cortina. Get well soon. Robbie.
  10. Ezy10z

    Mazda3 Mps

    I think their a lot a faster than we realise because in the Motors 2006 BFYB it was right up there and finished 4th overall. Mazda3 MPS FWD Manual Weight: 1403kg 0 - 100kph: 6.2 sec 0 - 400m: 14.3 @ 166.8kph Oran Park Lap Time: 37.4 sec XR6T Weight: 1684kg 0 - 100kph: 6.0 sec 0 - 400m: 14.2 @ 169.1kph Oran Park Lap Time: 37.4 sec Typhoon Auto Weight: 1776kg 0 - 100kph: 5.4 sec 0 - 400m: 13.5 @ 175.1kph Oran Park Lap Time: 36.5 sec Robbie.
  11. I think we should just congratulate Brian and Nizpro for building such an awesome machine which most of us can only dream about. Lets face it this thread is about Brians car and I think there is no need for any negative comments or comparisons even if they are small or no offence intended. Lucky for us Brian has put in a lot of time and effort to tell us about the developments of his car with in depth posts and lots of informative information related to performane turbo charging, suspension, brakes, wheels, tyres , you name it. Brian its been an awesome project from the beginning to now and
  12. Hi Guys, I'm not sure if this has been posted but theres a big write up about Brians 1000hp beast on Autospeed. The web address is http://www.autospeed.com Cheers. Robbie.
  13. If you saved your hotmail password to cache this might work. Try this link. http://www.forensicideas.com/tools.html Robbie.
  14. Didnt the VE SS do 0-100 in 5.3??? and you would think with an extra 35kw's the GTS should do under 5 seconds. It seems that the new Commodores do awesome times when they're first tested but never matched in future tests which are nearly a full second slower. This really shows when they are raced at the track because the last time I went to Calder I saw a VZ R8 did 14.1@99mph in auto with a good start yet Motor have recorded terminal speeds as high as 108mph and as low as 100. Maybe the HSV's tested by Motor when they are first released are a lot faster than the ones driven in the real worl
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