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  1. I have the exact same problem; g6et with injectors, cat and f6 cooler, and 12psi actuator. Same deal, will only happen when it's cold outside, Tuned with HP software also. I know it's not overboosting, and I wish someone could explain how to stop this code from appearing since it just seems to be a software issue. Before anyone starts the tuner war again, I don't give a damn how good SCT is, it's too late for me to justify spending $1600 on another tune.
  2. Car is mine.. can definitely notice a huge difference after tune, Very happy with Pro Flow. Would recommend to anyone. As for the figures, I'm more than happy to confirm them on another dyno if someone's willing to pay for it
  3. Happy Birthday jEtONiT!

  4. Happy Birthday jEtONiT!

  5. jEtONiT

    Age Of G6Et Owners

    21 here.. so far so good
  6. Years later good to know my legacy lives on! umm yeah I guess I'll visit some alarm installers then. Colour is edge, it's a 2010 plated 50th anniversary. Picked it up in june this year new with 11kms on it. I'll post some pics as soon as it stops raining and I can wash it.
  7. Hey guys, I got a g6et recently and I wanted to know if anybody has heared of a modification to allow the windows to be opened/closed via the remote.
  8. Happy Birthday jEtONiT!

  9. hey LUCASZ, I have a question for you. Any chance you can pass on the dimensions of your box? I have 2 12 inch subs waiting to go in and that box you have is perfect!
  10. Car felt like it was misfiring under load, very shaky and just crap.. no power, felt like I was driving my sister's swift. well anyway thought I might have had a broken spark plug or something so I got a mate to pull the coil packs off and there was water in on a few of my spark plugs.. now I never use water to clean my engine bay, and dont have any air vents or bonnet scoops, and the car only started running like crap after I filled it up with fuel. and also, the coil packs were fine, no corrosion or anything. now could it just be a bad batch of fuel that's had water in it, or do I have a bigger problem? thanks in advance, jet
  11. jEtONiT

    Xr6T Xf Falcon

    having had a XF S-pac in the family since brand new, and letting the two truck take it away for scrap metal.. thinking about what could have been brings a tear to my eye.. very nice work mate.. that has to be the nicest xf ive seen so far!
  12. I'd call that quick service.. a mates parents waited 6 months for a Volkswagen.. I'm in the market for a F6 at the moment, how much are u paying if you dont mind me asking?

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