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  1. Happy Birthday PASHEN!

  2. Happy Birthday PASHEN!

  3. Happy Birthday PASHEN!

  4. Thanks guys - will take your advice and post on the other forums too. Cheers
  5. Hi guys Its been years since I've been on this forum. This may be a long shot but I'm hoping somebody can help me. I received a call from a senior constable from the Richmond Police Station about a hit and run last week. The car involved was wearing the plates BFBOSS. I bought these plates, never used them, and sold them in the box to another person in 2007. I signed the transfer papers, but apparently he didn't take them into Vic Roads and they have been in my name ever since. I didn't take a copy, so I dont have his details (stupid of me I know). Since last week, I have received 2 speeding infringement notices, with the car wearing these plates. The incidents both occured in Alexandra Parade Fitzroy North Melbourne on the 20th and 22nd April. I'm not sure where the hit/run happened. Because the plates are still in my name, I'm all the police have to go on for now. They will get a copy of the photograph of the car in these incidents and are on the lookout for a car wearing these plates. In the meantime, I'm getting all the fines etc being sent to me. If anyone knows someone who drives a car with these plates, or know where it or the owner can be found, can you please pm me urgently. Thanks everyone. Dave
  6. Happy Birthday PASHEN!

  7. All this advice about buying property is spot-on. I think the next 6 months are when the great buys are to be found. There are currently more people selling their properties than there are buying. Plus interest rates are at record lows and still to fall. I reckon the standard variable interest rate will drop to 5% by Easter. You'll get the toy0 you want, and I know how tempting an XR6T is. Better to set yourself up financially and then buy your XR6T - you'll appreciate and enjoy it so much more.
  8. Hi Guys, Keen to know what performance mods (if any) you FG F6 owners have done since taking delivery, and what sort of results you got? Cheers Dave


    Dags, you have a way with words mate. You are spot on.
  10. Nah they were the silver 19's. To be honest, I reckon they looked better than the argent 5 spokers.
  11. Hi guys, I went for a test drive in a black 6 speed auto F6 today. Well, twice. I’ve wanted to do this for months, and was so glad I did. My 2 drives over an hour went out of Hoppers Crossing and down the freeway toward Geelong. A few exits later I headed back and drove through Werribee. Roads were pretty dry in most places. I took some pics but the resolution on my blackberry camera was crap and the quality didn’t do the car justice so I wont post them. Initial impressions of the F6: • Looked tough and smooth, but slightly underwhelming. I expected a black F6 with 19’s to look a lot more menacing than it did. Maybe the “war paint” blending into the body colour on the front bar was to blame. Either way, I was hoping for more. It looked newer parked next to my car, but not as aggressive which was as spew. Although it did turn a stack of heads on the road – seemed everyone that looked new what it was and what it is capable of. • Interior, very snug compared to my BF F6 and a class above. But my problem was that I just came out of a black G6ET where the interior was so polished I felt wrapped in modern luxury. The F6 was a comfortable place to sit in for a performance car, but the G6ET I didn’t want to get out of – it was that nice. How it drives: • In a word – AWESOME. As soon as you get behind the wheel and squeeze the peddle this thing moves. It feels like a much smaller car with a much more ferocious engine than a stock BF F6. The toque is everywhere and you just need to dab the peddle to make it go. One problem is how little it takes for this car to break traction. Makes for great fun, but unless you know how to drive turbo’s and have good throttle control you’re in deep sh*t unless you’re dead straight. Even when it’s not raining. This car needs more rubber on the ground. Overall, it drove like I expected – awesome and addictive as any car I’ve ever driven. How it sounds: • FPV have also nailed it with the sound this time round. The engine and exhaust note is angrier but smooth – the crackle between gears is nice too. The jet whistle under throttle is also much more noticeable. For the first time, this F6 sounds like a true jet. It’s like sexual chocolate for your ears. The price was $66,450, plus leather + sunroof so it’s over $70K on the road. Doing the numbers brought me back to reality and gave me some perspective. My F6 would probably be worth less than $40k now – and I’d be out of pocket $18K if I paid out my lease half way into it. To lose that much, even if it was for the pleasure of owning the best stock car I’ve ever driven didn’t seem to be a smart decision. I drove away in my F6, thinking how cool it was to finally drive the new one. But as I did I couldn’t help but realize that my car now is faster, looks and sounds tougher than the new one. I won’t be buying the new F6…well not yet anyway. Would I buy it if I was at the end of my lease term? Absolutely – the new F6 is something to drool over and anyone who drives it would love to have one in their garage. This is a car to be respected on the streets. It’s a f*cking weapon and the full package (except for the 19/245's - the first mod needed is widder rubber). Well done FPV. Australian Performance Car of the Year is in the bag.
  12. I just got a call from my Westpoint Ford in Hoppers Crossing (Melb) They're finally getting an auto FG F6 for 2 days only - next Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd July I'm taking it for a drive on Wednesday afternoon (damn I hope its not raining) Just thought I'd let you guys know in case you've been waiting to take a spin in the new beast.
  13. Come on WA members - surely one of you blokes can help this guy out with some suggestions?! Hate to dmit it, but you own some of the most beautiful parts of this country.
  14. Awesome - you have got to be happy with that! How does she drive? Any pics? The G6ET looks hot, would love to see one with 20's and dumped. Good on ya mate.

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