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  1. Happy Birthday rhys86!

  2. Happy Birthday rhys86!

  3. What mods have you done to it?? Nice power by the way.
  4. Happy Birthday rhys86!

  5. Happy Birthday rhys86!

  6. rhys86

    Xft'S Fg Xr8

    Hope there will be plenty of pictures once it is all done.
  7. Is the part on there web page?? I had a look and can't find it.
  8. Count me in, will just have to check my roster. Just for your info it's Tongarra Rd not Terralong Street.
  9. I know they are for a fact because they came down and assist with a job the other day (Raptor 222 & 224). A small amount have been placed within S/F Raptor. that's from my experience but im not getting in an argument with you over it.
  10. The fpv's use to belong to Strike Force Tapian but they have since moved them to Strike Force Raptor which target OMCG related activity all over NSW.
  11. CV took the photo not me so I can't make it larger sorry.
  12. Shifters The search button is your friend. Here is one of mine.
  13. Awesome time very well done. Does aanyone have any footage of this run??
  14. Thanks. Anyone got any specs on this thing. It leaves really hard.
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