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  1. New Build - Home Renovations - Gardens - Garages & Sheds.

    You could stand out the front of a school and sell lollies to earn some extra cash.
  2. New Build - Home Renovations - Gardens - Garages & Sheds.

    We are happy to spend $2500 -$3000 on new parts (I.e. turbo) on our cars, but when it comes to buying things we use every single day we say "I'm not gonna spend that.!!!" Im with old mate.^^^
  3. What Made You Feel Good Today

    Seems like a reasonable way of going about the old proposition of getting ya bell end sucked. Valentines card for next year me thinks.
  4. Stock ba xr6 turbo mods

    I have Crow (95 lbs ) valve springs. Injector Dynamics ID1000's injectors. There are many other brands of both product but both of these have proven themselves to be top quality. You won't have any problems with either of them. Tuners love to use ID injectors and Crow have been in the engine internals game for as long as I remember and I'm 42 yrs old....
  5. Stock ba xr6 turbo mods

    What scotty said is pretty bang on. ^^ First and foremost a set of heavy duty valve springs have to be installed to handle any increase in boost levels. Even after tune only you will suffer from valve float. Xr6 turbo's have weak valve springs. No problems when left stock, as soon as boost is raised they struggle to keep the valves closed.
  6. Popping her cherry

    Car seems alot more responsive as well. Maybe just a placebo effect eitherway,I'm just glad it's a lot better behaved at the lights and when sitting in the driveway after some boosted driving. Im definitely Step 1. Definitely not Step 2. Step 3 is a tuned/ modified falcon thing. But it can be sorted by a game of elimination. Or just install hot cams then there's a reason for lumpy idle.
  7. Popping her cherry

    Finally got a bit of time to do a throttle body clean and checked and cleaned all spark plugs. They all were a nice light grey colour except one was a little darker. So a quick swap out with a spare fresh identical plug/ regapped was put in. A quick oil level check, still spot on Full. Definitely has cleaned up a slightly crappy idle issue. Next on the cards is a new O2 sensor and check all turbo to manifold bolts and then throw it on the hoist at the workshop for general look over to see what may need attention. Check diff fluid so on and so forth.
  8. Stock ba xr6 turbo mods

    As puff said I started with a BA 2005 one owner box stock manual T56. My car has safely maxed out at 315 rwkw's. $8000 in mods later of course. On this forum there are millions of different opinions and stories about these cars, there are some definite proven results as well as a few nightmares in amongst the many threads. Do your fairshare of reading and you'll find what your looking for, and if your still stumped we're here to help. Also welcome to this community of mad farkers.....
  9. Whats a good price for my bf mk2?

    It's a hard thing to come up with a sale price. I would be thinking around 12-15k. Unmodded around selling for 8-11k. You have pretty well done everything to it that most people would do, so it comes down to how quick you want it sold and whether someone wants a fully modded BF 07 and if there willing to pay extra for the mods you have done. You normally don't get ya money back for the mods but you might be lucky. Very nice looking rig buddy . Good luck.
  10. Drunk Tank - Over .05 - Pissed Again

    "GET OUT" people check in but they don't check out. Run lads, run as fast as you can...
  11. Drunk Tank - Over .05 - Pissed Again

    Definitely getting a good chuckle from the whole situation, then Gary throws in that last post. They have put hidden camera in there as well just to see what people do.
  12. Drunk Tank - Over .05 - Pissed Again

    Why the hell is the toilet built into the vanity. May as well crap in sink. And what are those two creepy claws in the mirrors reflection.
  13. What do you think of the new kia stinger gt? The next f6?

    I was getting semi pumped about the numbers it was claiming but now that have seen them on a daily basis driving past a dealership. Pffft. Average and tacky. Plus auto only. Pffft. Considering the Asians copy everything on the market they should have copied a AMG C63 or a similar 4 door.
  14. Jet's Tuning ( Oh No )

    A picture tells a thousand words...
  15. V8 Super Cars & Supporting Catagory

    It's always a good team, good car, good driver combo and as ya said keith the cream will always rise to the top of the time sheets. A team could have a rocket of a car and the team of the decade but if ya don't have the driver to bring it all together.

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