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  1. The Off Topic Thread.

    What's NBN. I must be the only one in Australia that doesn't have a problem with the NBN Don't have intranet at home...haha. Problem solved...
  2. The What's Pi$$Ing You Off Thread..anything Goes!

    Haha. The good old "turn it off then turn it back on again" remedy. Ya ever thought of a career in IT tech support nath.
  3. The Off Topic Thread.

    I was more thinking its been pushed to its limit. Dangerously. The lad seems happy. So that's what counts.
  4. The Off Topic Thread.

    This is what I was thinking as well. 300 is the most I have seen. I reckon the first time round on the hole in the block run was exactly what you were saying jetters. Hmmm time will tell whether the lad ends up with another pile of spareparts motor. I reckon the numbers are fudged. Still 300 is nothing to laugh at and a pretty gun engine to boot. The base run couldn't have been 280 unless it was a freak built engine that was sitting around at the Elizabeth plant collecting dust. Cheers lads
  5. The Off Topic Thread.

    Completely off topic. Just a question for the lads that are right up to speed with tuning side of things. Been working at an electrical supplier the last few weeks. There's a 4x4 mechanics next door with a dyno. A few of the lads have taken there V8's there to be tuned. One had his L98 explode on the dyno, not tuners fault apparently. So the lad had to source a new motor, he came up with a brand new LS3 crate motor from holden. 15k in total to be back on the road again OUCH.!!! He's my question. Base line run would yield 235-240 rwkw's Tuned it managed 328 rwkw's. #OTR air intake #Exhaust #Tune only The best I have seen from these engines with these mods is 285 -300 rwkw's Where has this guru found an extra 28 rwkw's from.. I'm not convinced and is this lads engine running dangerously close to turning into a wreckers next purchase.
  6. Gentleman's Tune and Mod's

    Haha good old no H.
  7. Gentleman's Tune and Mod's

    Chris BAXRUTE knows about them too.
  8. BA Turbo - build thread (sort of)

    Hope ya pump works well mate. Worst comes worst, buy a direct drop in. Good luck mate.
  9. Gentleman's Tune and Mod's

    Plenty of guys with destroyed engines over the years as well, and alot of $$$ down the drain. Better to build it stronger then crank it up more. Better to be safe than out of pocket
  10. BA Turbo - build thread (sort of)

    Cradles are identical to stock cradles. Mine is exactly what is in double r's post and it has been flawless. Been running strong for over two years. I would definitely prefer something that is the same as what you remove instead of something that ya hoping won't be a problem. DIY is definitely alot cheaper though. That said the drop in pots are even more DIY. They are a real easy install once ya have the fuel line removal tools.
  11. BA Turbo - build thread (sort of)

    You can buy the 255 walbro in a direct replacement kit which jet pictured. Take out the stock pot and pump, install the new high flow pot and pump. Job done.
  12. The Off Topic Thread.

    These are the decision we are left to make on our next car purchase. Latest VF2 LS3 Bogan special fantastic all round package and really nice looking car. But it's not a Barra turbo. FGX mild upgrades to a 6 yr old chassis and body. With half the amount of tech the commo has. Then there's the new euro vehicles, over priced out of reach to the average joe. In 8 speed auto's only. Then there's the stinger banger of an engine but tacky looking from many angles and auto only.
  13. Gentleman's Tune and Mod's

    No dramas mate.
  14. Gentleman's Tune and Mod's

    Haha yep. The black cousin ya don't mention when talking about ya family. Probably not worth the extra money for the hot side piping, people do change it but for what your doing the kit your looking at will be more than enough. Just remember you were gonna use a F6 cooler. The only thing I will say is getting to the pod is abit fiddly when cleaning it in the under battery location, but if you can swing a spanner you'll be fine.

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