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  1. The Off Topic Thread.

    Hahaha. It pays to do ya research first.
  2. Tail shaft

    There ya go buddy, two options ya have now. Regency park Hardy Spicer for $2000 built with the options to return it if any problems should arise. Or carbon fibre which weighs alot less for a couple hundred more. Decisions Decisions. Definitely worth seeing how Typhoon gets on with his, if its all good, might be a good option. I'd be sticking with local. Atleast if ya get it home and ya go "hang on a second" you can run it back to them. Stranger things have happened in the world car tinkering......
  3. Tail shaft

    As Jet said definitely Hardy Spicer's. They cut and shut and installed and new yoke on my 351 ci XY ute years ago, top quality work and fast turn around. Reasonable price for the work performed as well. That was many moons ago and from the sounds of it there still doing top quality work. They do alot of work for Hitachi construction machinery which my mate works for and he rates them highly as well.
  4. The Off Topic Thread.

    And the imported cars that we might want to own aren't even cheap any more. Subaru Honda Mazda Nissan barely even have cheap cars any more and you wouldn't consider owning one of there small cars which are at the low end of the price range. Now given the Santa Fe Hyundai is probably a good piece of kit but northwards of $55 k pfffft...get fook'd In years to come when all of our rear wheel drive/ v8's and boosted 6's are piled high in wrecking yards it will be similar to Mad Max when purchasing your new car, scavenging the wastelands of car sales to find the last of the rear wheel beasts we came to love so much. " the precious juice is in tanker "
  5. The Off Topic Thread.

    Isn't it just amazing how the powers that be in the States who had the final say on our car manufacturing industry, all of a sudden have opened up the flood gates to selling us right hook versions of cars they never were gonna bother sending over here. Kill a market that sells to itself, then flood it with a product that we have been denied for decades. Examples: Mustang camaro and corvette. Next will be the Hellcats. Our manufacturing industries struggle, while there's are thriving. Hmmmm. Obviously there are a lot of other factors such as our need and want to own SUV's and Soft roaders plus a massive push towards bigger and bigger size tradesmen ute's such as the Ranger. So we now were left to buy unaffordable European sports luxury vehicles and Kia's and Hyundai's. Which are slowly creeping past $50k the better spec'd vehicles. A world gone mad.... My 2c's.
  6. Possible overboost problem (BA)?

    Yep that's why ya go a genuine replacement. No real problem with getting the preload wrong.
  7. Possible overboost problem (BA)?

    Hate to say it buddy it was a bit of a tongue in cheek comment. It's a bugger of a job to get the circlip off and back on with new actuator. Turbo only or manifold and turbo together is a hell of a lot easier. Go genuine garret exact replacement of your actuator that way the pre-load can be set identical by putting them on a bench next to each other and setting it correctly. Because it matters. Read a few post on this forum there's a few on here withall info you will need. Start searching buddy. A few others might chime in with more suggestions and links to the threads I'm referring to.( I.E. Keith....) P.S. I started mine and went fook it and let Jet do it when did a 8 psi actuator and injectors for me, I did the easier stuff like the high flow cat and fuel pump installs.
  8. Getting tuned this weekend. What do you think ill make?

    All depends how good the tuna is. If it's John West you in the hands of the best. That's what I heard anyway.
  9. Possible overboost problem (BA)?

    At least changing a wastegate actuator is an easy job. Especially when the turbo and manifold are still in factory position.
  10. Possible overboost problem (BA)?

    It may be a long shot, considering the car is still stock but I had a similar issue with my car just after the first flash tune. And it was due to softened valve springs. Exact same as you have described. It would rev real nicely to around 4000 rpm then it felt like it hit the limiter. Just food for thought.
  11. Recommended Tuner / Workshop South Australia

    We know ya not a ranga jetters, more like a blonde bearded Swedish teen.
  12. Recommended Tuner / Workshop South Australia

    Mmmmm ranga ginger nuts.
  13. The Off Topic Thread.

    Morning lads. Have a great day, keep them straight and on the black top and bring them back in one piece.
  14. Recommended Tuner / Workshop South Australia

    Because he's an EXTREME EXPERT. Didn't ya read the first post. Plus he's a ranga.
  15. T56 Gearbox Oil

    Does Transmax Z come in 5 ltr bottles. Or have they got the scam going that you need to buy two 4 ltr bottles?

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