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  1. Oh dat good old Gsixer lumpy idle again. Seems to a re-occuring theme with this model.
  2. Super slow lumpy idle. Sounds fully sick... Gsixer grampa spec cam ftw... Also sounds like the birds chirps in the background are in time with the idle.
  3. I never used to like tatt's on a chick. Opinion changed... FOREVER..
  4. So cool.. First engine blow up must have had a set of BA skinny rods in it. Hahaha.
  5. Call me spoilt but I was 15 in 1990 and turned 25 in 2000. 90's best decade for Australian music just for the amount bands we had to choose from at The Big Day Out's and concerts in general. Grinspoon Silverchair Spiderbait Frenzal's PowderFinger Jeb's Jet ( the band ) not da barra rock star And the list goes on..
  6. Better get back to work, be good lads chat ya all again soon.
  7. Bloody oath buddy, absolutely legendary album....
  8. Hmmm ya lost me there jetters.
  9. Yerp had retreat indoors just before the storm hit. Luckily I had a couple of things to do inside to this passes over.
  10. Might be worth putting a couple coins aside for a trutrac ass end as well. #DeleteopenwheelerFTW.
  11. Happy lunch time to ya all. Afternoon keithy, nath, dan and El gringo. I'm guessing ya a Hispanic Mexican with a profile namelike EL Andrew.
  12. That's a big no from me as well. Save the money. Rimz as they are look very classy. Those rimz painted on a black car will look a bit nasty. The thing looks really nice as it sits now buddy..... Black on black is getting dated now anyway. Just my 2c's.
  13. Ya not missing much, I have meet a few of them And for farrrrks sake it's called a bloody YIROS.........
  14. Not sure if ya meant me dan, but not much at the moment. Spent the day at the shops getting some car wash liquid and touch screen clean wipes for the commo wagon. Then preceded to wash some winter road grime off two cars. Also got some fire lighters for the combustion heater, it's been sh¡t cold the last couple of days here in S.A.