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  2. 10D minimum, brooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  3. Will have a look. Found string theory interesting a few years ago - decent doco below:
  4. Soooo anyone into quantum physics and the 8D theory ?
  5. Today
  6. Have them on gumtree, just realised they aren't falcon ones but shows size would do them for $25 for the pair
  7. Judgement horse approves
  8. Piks ?
  9. cheers. one day haha the sound system got finished... that's a start happy Saturday, all!
  10. Yesterday
  11. Looks amazing Andrew!
  12. My 1st go at homemade bacon So.... Waffles for brekkie Hell yeah - bloody awesome Definitely won't be the last time doing bacon
  13. He's welcome anytime
  14. When he drives over here to SA and get someone to tune it for him!!!
  15. morning and happy birthday Keith
  16. Happy crappy keify whens old red getting finished up ?
  17. Damn, shes a good shot. Better behave yourself buddy! Nice work as always
  18. Pretty sure there was a guy who had the axle out of alignment on the spring after fitting some new bushes which caused something similar. Mine generally kicks out to the lower side of the road, just depends what lane your in.
  19. There was a conversation about this a while back. Smash the hell out of the search bar like it's a free hooker on a Friday night and I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for. Climbing under the car for a look helps too
  20. My FG MKII Ute has developed a bizarre and horrible habit of torque steering to the right slightly when accelerating hard under boost and lurching back again when I lift of the throttle. I initially thought maybe the axle housing mounts may have shifted causing misalignment of the rear end but now I'm not so sure. It does it while I'm holding the wheel dead straight and doesn't quite come all the way back when I lift off. Anyone else experienced this problem?
  21. Thanks George Had Frank bring his Totally stock FG XR6T in for a "Tune only" as he was dead set on a full custom tune but really didn't want to do any mods at all, and that's ok I'm here to give the customer what they want as it is their car and they can have as they please obviously I like the 500rwkw ones a touch more but I still put my all into even the simple things as for Frank this is the equivalent of a big round of mods so why not get excited and enjoy the process hey ... not mods but it needed a new set of plugs and a new petrol filter but that's hardly note worthy haha anywhoo good gains all over and that's the upper limits of the injectors and cat and airbox ( unmodded ) then pipes then intercooler and so on Sorry about my camera mans finger in the video
  22. Cheers
  23. Happy Birthday Shooter 🔫
  24. Trent, peanut, love you and buy brakes already Yeh Nathan I'll update after ... All ID injectors are brilliant no question but before the 1300 and 1700 they all start off life as a Raw Bosch injector then modified to the ID spec ( and worth every cent ) the 1050x 1300 and 1700 are full unique base built injectors by ID so this is why theses injectors are a bit different but in a good way
  25. weren't the old style ID1300s and 1000s meant to be just as "good" though?
  26. I've watched enough dyno clips from this thread that they are coming up as suggestions in my youtube feed. Not bad for just a tune on that black fg hey?!
  27. Hes had a beard for a year and a half :/
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