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Recommended Tuner / Workshop South Australia


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Hi guys, haven't even got my BF XR6T yet but it's only a matter of time.

Where do you guys go for general servicing and modifications? I've heard good things about Morpowa - Any good?

Obviously not after negative vendor verdicts so please no bad comments about workshops in accordance with the rules, but please post good feedback about the workshop that you trust your pride and joy with.

For example with my Subaru I had good experiences with S&J Automotive in Edwardstown. Pricing was decent and they knew what they were doing. The two week waiting period showed they were doing good work.

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What are you looking for specifically? just tuning or mechanical work or both?

Most Adelaide blokes on here use Bruce heinrich, however most on here only know of his tunes for there car. He tunes well and is well priced.

There are a couple of other places that get a good wrap from a few ppl. Wilall racing (donnan) seems to be well talked about as a good tuner, Morpowa seems to do a good tune for some peoples cars..

As far as mechanical work goes I have heard good things about kpm and morpowa. I think they may be a little more expensive perhaps?

towler performance.... all I know is, he has a turbo statesman that he has had a long time and still has not got it tuned right?

As far as mechanical work goes and giving a f*ck, from my own personal experience I would try and do that stuff yourself.

certain tuners don't care enough about your car so they don't deserve your money.

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I use Bruce aswell never had problems and is cheaper than the rest out there. I hear willall are good but are on the $$$$ side.

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graham west workshops on marion road AKA Adelaide Performance Engineering

Brett West and the boys do good work there, brett himself has an insanely worked lpg injected xr6t currently forsale

plenty of xr6ts there... little bit on the pricey side, but you get what you pay for...

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pay heaps and get plugged in the ass too its a f*cked situation really go where u feel comfortable and the work will speak for its self

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