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  1. Happy Birthday Adrian_F6!

  2. Happy Birthday Adrian_F6!

  3. Happy Birthday Adrian_F6!

  4. Happy Birthday Adrian_F6!

  5. the dyno numbers are not reflecting the mph for some ppl out of that tuner. a proper 400 plus should be reflecting better mph. mixed results out of there...
  6. I believe you got your sentence mixed up a little foyle.... is "intake" another word for mouth? and "in" another word for "off"??? your 1 sick puppy...
  7. Happy Birthday Adrian_F6!

  8. You have 4 ways to increase power at same psi, larger exhaust, plenum, exhaust manifold or tune on e85. If you have a Bruce tune just ring him and ask him what the next step is for your car..... lynchy - drove past you today in the hills in the au xr with the horse float on the ass. I spotted the cooler from a mile away, always the first thing I look for when seeing an xr. lookin schmick mate.
  9. that is a fkn awesome effort. lucky it was on a private road..... blocked off for that skid competition.....
  10. Na man, aslong as you have the trans picked up from somewhere where there is someone to help lift it onto the truck, xft have organised everything, they took half payment up front, organised it for pickup, and I should hear back from them soon for me to pay the other half and them send it back to me I did nothing except make sure it was on a half pallet.
  11. they have the trans at the moment, I think the turn around is about 1 week.
  12. if that's the case bloosted will go for me
  13. yeah im pretty happy with it. dont forget that's no oil though.

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