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  1. Happy Birthday southside!

  2. Happy Birthday southside!

  3. Happy Birthday southside!

  5. J@T washed my ute love him long time
  6. looking good jetty ill be seeing you soon with the black horse
  7. The 5.0 Love flames got it shooting out two or three big flames every time I down shift into second in the higher rpm range
  8. I'm running no cats (straight pipe) on E85 an barely get any smell at all. I agree, in SA 100cell cats will still get you in trouble, so I just bit the bullet and went straight pipe myself. Cars sounds amazing and gives off not much smell at all. Plus you get this
  9. It's probably my dyslexic writing which doesnt help.. I even struggled to spell such a stupidly complicated word like "dyslexic" for retards like me
  10. It's my daily and I Love every "second" of driving it.
  11. Great work boys! the man cave is coming along nicely now Anyway! Thought I'd touch base and let everyone know how the tune/ trans has been going. So at 422rwkw.. this car is a complete animal. I'm beginning to learn that it's not always about the dyno number, but instead the way it behaves on the road. With the standard 245 dunlops the ute will spin through 1st, 2nd, 3rd and even grab 4th at around 100km/h leaving behind a trail of black lines and smoke. When you feed the throttle on in 3rd, it'll grip up and launch u forward, throwing you back hard into the seat and the Supercharger screams it's head off. Backing off the throttle and downshifting into second it'll blow 2/3 BIG flames out the back. The trans, now running on average 20" cooler than before, it shifts harder into gear and acts more responsively even after back to back WOT runs. I've enjoyed every second of running around in the ute with this tune. Can't wipe that smile off my face! Well Done Jet
  12. Jet helped service the ute last night, we also checked all the new lines for the trans cooler (no leaks) and working perfectly. Shifts nice and firm, as well as a drop of 15-20" in temp.
  13. Hey guys I'm working on creating a series of video blogs I'll post to youtube of the R&D ute getting worked on/ tuned by J D Tuning Adelaide! be sure to keep an eye out, as we have some exciting new gizmo and gadgets going on the ute Looking forward to sharing everything with you guys
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