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Barra swap with Cleveland in xy Fairmont

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7-DBE620-A-DB43-40-E9-9-FCE-ADAFE209-A6-hey people

I inherited this from my father...I’m not a v8 guy I’m a Rotary freak but have a fg xr6t with 420hp @ wheels which I’ve come to enjoy as my family car ...so I’m going to Tuff Mount a Barra in to my Fairmont but I will keep the C4 gearbox an I’m going to keep the motor scoop which I’ll fit somehow to the Barra ....Now the Fg is 400kgs heavier than the Xy, so I see an easy 11sec car in the end maybe even 10sec is on the cards...

I’ll keep you all updated as I progress this build..

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Progress ;


I have the 2006 bf motor...Now to start stripping the crap of it...

Now look at it....

I have a torque power bell housing to pick up tomorrow for the C4 ....I have a FG turbo an Exhaust manifold plus I have an FG fuel rail with 1000cc kpm injectors ...I’m waiting to fit the motor in the engine bay to see my options for intake manifold...Happy days...

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I have ordered the Tuff mount kit , We are just waiting on the sway bar...I opened the rocker cover to find scorching on the cams an rollers...

So I sourced some immaculate rollers , I ordered Stg 2 Atomic cams ....I also have ordered all my parts from Dominator I highly recommend Michael is a great bloke to deal with an he saved me $$$$....

So I have Dominator valve springs, billet oil pump gears with backing plate , headstuds & valve tool... also Dominator deals Atomic so got my cams for $855 , I’ve also got atomic HD timing chain an atomic power steer delete...Dominator also helped me with a full gasket kit a MLS 4layer 1.3mm head gasket to a new water pump ...So big shoutout to Michael DOMINATOR MOTORSPORT ❤️
I also have a plazmaman intercooler and I have a 12psi turbosmart accuator on its way ...

So I have also ported the flapper hole on the Garrett to help hold boost a bit better I hope...

So I’m waiting to receive all of the parts to start piecing it all together fun times ahead....

I have also made contact with Bill Hooton for the electrical side of the build he makes the stand alone looms for all conversions again great bloke to speak to and a gentle man willing to help with questions....

I will take some pics very soon

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All these parts was from Dominator Motorsport

E5ACE655-4C36-4D97-96C9-48004AEF3F70.thumb.jpeg.050c3a07b5a41d688175ac29e445e164.jpegAtomic cams

mls 1.3mm head gasket 

DM head studs 

DM valve springs 

DM oil pump gears + backing plate

Atomic HD timing chain 

atomic power str delete 

Permaseal gasket kit
So the engine is in the cleaning process in this pic


The block was checked for flatness with a metal ruler all over the deck..I used a sharpening stone to clean the deck with WD40 ...Same procedure was done to the head deck...

Then I serviced the head new valve stem seals before the valves was installed...Oil pump gears was also built ...

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Valve stem sealsBBAFF00D-F553-4D14-803E-92C0746EEF12.thumb.jpeg.97a25d474a726c8ac61834786c076bc6.jpegValve springs 4D0A5B14-4778-455D-B3BE-B5EFE64C576C.thumb.jpeg.3ada1a82baeef25003a1c81a7bb010d6.jpegAlso the reason I changed cams was the bf gas motor cams and rollers had scorching on them .

I also replace with like new rollers ...

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That’s enough motor show an tell...

This pic is of the Tuff mount kit which came with the sway bar to allow the sump to fit...CDF8991A-95E2-447F-8BD2-23747436F6C0.thumb.jpeg.69e1193eb9e565629543c8e3500da04a.jpegThen I’ll show my electrical work ...I had to relocate the battery to the boot and all the wires that use to go to the battery I’ve relocated to the starter motor...B59FD0A2-EEF3-4D72-8C23-2263DBAF4A1E.thumb.jpeg.59b59b5f65301649878a187bc61b7d0d.jpeg


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Then I also spent time on the boot5C4EED69-FC77-4026-9773-66FCD0C50D1C.thumb.jpeg.96ee959c781eb1862b918665b4d27d40.jpegIm not a Mechanic...

I also had a C4 built + converter with a power torque bellhousing Rated for 800hp

Full roller bearing 

full manual valve body 

1000hp input shaft 

trans brake 

bla bla bla cost me $5000 

I have a pwr trans cooler to fitC00070AA-5065-410F-AFD3-0B1EF388E62D.jpeg.5e6040d1700a2dadf895ca8b48427bb4.jpeg

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I also picked up a 9” diff 

I’ve got brand new gtho drums and brake hardware + bearings an seals ...

Motive gears will be fitted 3:50 ratio 

I’ll put a billet pinion support with motive gear full spool with non collapsing spacer ...Finished off with CalTracs for the leaf springs...

I have also fitted the drive by wire pedal


I also got the std FG Turbo upgraded to a

gen2 gtx 35/84rs Thanks to Turbomodpro


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