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Custom Turbo Exhaust Recommendation - VIC

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For anyone in the Melbourne I would highly recommend Extracted Performance Exhaust in Dandenong.


For my FG-X Turbo Andrew did a 4 inch dump to 3.5 inch cat back.


He presses stainless in house to suit the standard Turbo flange from moulds he has created through development work many years ago.








I was after an unsuspecting finish so he plumbed the system onto the standard exhaust tip. 👌




He makes and installs these complete Turbo back systems - stainless steel - for only a few hundred dollars more than what you would pay for an off the shelf kit. It’s all v-band so plenty of room for adjustment. 


When I went back for a visit recently he was doing a 5 inch dump for a high HP car so it seems the sky is the limit for what he can do.

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interesting how cheap it turned out as doing a full custom exhaust like that is usually closer to double the price of a mass-manufactured kit.

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