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  1. I also experienced the same problem regarding the aluminium cube below the air conditioning line. That piece pushes against the core. I opted to create some new top radiator brackets and push the top of the radiator closer to the belts (I can fit my fingers between the back of the radiator and front of the belts). You might get the unit up into position without doing any of the above but it will rub. I just wanted to have at least some clearance between other components (even if only 5mm).
  2. For those with FG-X, I ended up buying some BA/F, FG lower radiator mount rubber bushes. The FG-X rubber bushes do not sit inside the Plazmaman radiator support very well. I originally used the FG-X rubber bushes but then changed them to the BA-F FG ones and now it’s perfect. I think that’s what BOP was referring to above and why he had so much play in the radiator.
  3. Hi, I am wrapping my ICC Just wondering if anyone knows can the vehicle be driven if the ICC is disconnected? Thanks
  4. Hi, I am ordering some Work wheels in 19 x 8.5 for the front on my sedan. Vehicle is only a few mm lower than stock. If I order in factory offset at 36.5 would they fit fine? Or should I adjust the offset slightly towards the outer guard to account for the minor increase in wheel size. Going to use the super pro rear control arm so the rear wheel specs have already been reccomended by super pro. thanks
  5. Ok thanks for the hand. And yes - good advice Keith
  6. FG-X Turbo. I am about to order a Brembo 6/4 kit - and wheels also. Before I order the wheels, I want to ensure they will fit over the brakes. The wheels are 19" Work Emotion Kiwami. Has anyone fitted these before? If not, could someone help me out with the following measurements? Thanks

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