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  1. Hi, - RE: TC, I generally deactivate traction control. in the few times I have had traction on I have not experienced any issues. - Unsure as to ABS as I have never brake in a way that ABS has taken over. No faults showing. - RE speedo - not recalibrated. Percentage change will only result in a few km/h difference, so I am not too concerned.
  2. Simply out of curiosity as I have one.
  3. Does anyone have access to information regarding production figures for FG-X Turbo? - year - manual / auto - colour breakdowns
  4. I did not attempt to drive with the 15mm spacer on. I would suggest it would hit guard on bumps though, 19 x 10 ET +40 with > 275 would definitely poke out a considerable amount. ET +45 would likely poke too I believe. Custom rims may be the only option. Work wheels from Japan seem popular and there is a big range of styles to choose from which you can check will also fit over any brake setup you have. They can manufacture to any offset. Now that you mention it, sometimes I miss my XR8, such a nice car dude!
  5. I don’t drive in the rain all that often so cannot report on wet weather. From a safety standpoint, reports of friends with Street R’s (more extreme then Street ET) are that the tyres are fine to PUTT AROUND in wet conditions. In dry conditions I was surprised how good traction has been. I run at 20 psi. I cannot report as to cornering at this stage as I really only do straight line pulls in the time I have had the car on the road. For everyday driving I don’t see a change in characteristics having M/T’s on the back. In terms of 100 km/h motorway driving I have polyurethane bushes throughout entire car, a Wavetrac diff, big tailshaft, stiffer shocks etc. The combination of this setup led to an increase in NVH noticeable after 80 km/h. I believe this is due primarily to the LSD floating during highway driving. They crave being loaded somewhat. The bushes amplify that. Nevertheless a switch to M/T’s have reduced road noise significantly due to them being much softer compound and run at 20 psi... so motorway driving is now much more pleasant hahaha. When you touch the tyre you will be able to push in on the compound. It feels as though you can leave an impression in the tyre when you push in but of course it just expands back out. In terms of offset, my advice when moving below a +50 offset with a greater than 275 tyre is to proceed with great caution. You risk sitting outside the guards. Here is a photo of my setup at ET+40 (after putting a 15mm spacer in there to check how it would sit). As pointed out above, M/T are probably closer to 295 or 305 when compared to regular tyres even though only marketed as 285...
  6. What weight of oil should I use after a move to E85 (not flex fuel)? Was using 10 tenths 10W-40 prior to, and thinking of moving to 10 tenths 14W-50. Can anyone point to a product they have found has worked well?
  7. For anyone in the Melbourne I would highly recommend Extracted Performance Exhaust in Dandenong. For my FG-X Turbo Andrew did a 4 inch dump to 3.5 inch cat back. He presses stainless in house to suit the standard Turbo flange from moulds he has created through development work many years ago. I was after an unsuspecting finish so he plumbed the system onto the standard exhaust tip. 👌 He makes and installs these complete Turbo back systems - stainless steel - for only a few hundred dollars more than what you would pay for an off the shelf kit. It’s all v-band so plenty of room for adjustment. When I went back for a visit recently he was doing a 5 inch dump for a high HP car so it seems the sky is the limit for what he can do.
  8. Advice re: 10 inch rims on FG+ sedans (fitting within guard). I purchased the Superpro Rear Blade Control Arm Kit (Extra Clearance). It’s pricey, so my tip is to sign up as a trade member at supercheap and you should be able to get it around $850. The Superpro website suggests that wheels of the following specifications should be ordered to suit their kit: - 19 or 20 inch rims x 10 inch wide - with an offset between + 52 and + 55 - to fit a 295 or 305 tyre. Relying on the advice on the Superpro website I ordered my Work Emotion CR2P wheels to the following specifications: 19 x 10 + 55. As seen below when fitting the rim the distance between the shock and rim is a matter of a few mm - keep in mind this will increase as the suspension is compressed as the vehicle is lowered. So no need to worry about that. The main concern will be clearance from the shock mounting bolt as this is what will come closest to the wheels when the suspension is compressed. Upon reviewing the instructions in the packaging (which were in fact different to what is stated on the website) it was suggested a maximum offset of +51 should be used. As the wheels were a 16 week special order I couldn’t ring Stav from down the road and ask him to adjust the offset for me by a few mm. I had no choice but to order a 4mm spacer. I did so through BSA wheels in Sydney who custom machine spacers. The spacers are machined hub centric and with an extended spigot ring to locate the rim onto the hub. I was surprised by the quality and fitment of the product (~$120 for pair). Being 4mm in thickness I don’t have any safety concerns here. Also, the top shock bolt is now a few mm further away from the tyre when suspension is compressed. As seen below, rear blade control arm clearance of the control arm is no longer an issue with a wider rim. I decided on MT ET Street S/S tyres with 285/35 tyres. As to width. (mudguards since removed). As to guard clearance, the combination does not foul on the the guards whatsoever. There is a visible clearance of at least 4mm to the outer guard. In summary, I cannot offer advice on 20 inch rims. For 19 inch rims I would suggest the following when using the rear control arm shown above: 19 x 10 + 51 paired with a 285 tyre. If you want to use a 295 or 305 check how much wider that would be as compared to a M/T ET Street S/S as I feel this tyre is pushing the boundaries of what would fit next to the top shock mounting bolt. In terms of traction, this setup is a dream. Manual in excess of 500rwkw and it simply does not lose traction. Saying that I have a number of other suspension changes to assist (wavetrac, shockworks, full bush upgrade). Tyres at 20 psi when seeking maximum traction which I bump up to 30 psi for longer drives. hopefully this saves people a lot of ****ing around because getting this right drove me crazy. a lot of $$$ for 10mm extra width on both sides and that’s a valid point, but do not regret it whatsoever as I love the setup,
  9. Here are some photos to further explain what I have written above. FOUL FITMENT 19 x 8.5 inch + 35 with Pirelli P-Zero PZ4 (new model) - rim protector is huge! GOOD FITMENT 19 x 8.5 + 35 with Pirelli P-Zero Finally, here is a photo of the wheels fitted. Work Emotion CR2P gloss black dish and black rim. Here is a close up - I have since put the centre cap on. See below post for rear wheel fitment
  10. advice re: 8.5 inch wheels on FG+ sedans. fitted Work Emotion CR-2P to FG-X sedan. - 19 x 8.5 w’ + 35 offset Wheel fitted with 245 Pirelli P-Zero tyre which sits with 7-8mm clearance of suspension arm, Beware if using the newer P-Zero PZ4 tyre as this tyre has a thick rim protector (10mm+) which causes the tyre to foul on the suspension arm (if using +35 offset - Talking from experience. If anyone making custom order for wheels - and looking for near factory fitment, I would recommend offset of no less than +30 if opting for 8.5 inch wheel. Ensures any 245 tyre used will fit and not foul on suspension arm. +35 will fit, but some high performance tyres with aggressive rim protectors may foul on inner side.
  11. Jumbuck

    Lock nuts

    Understood. Thank-you.
  12. Jumbuck

    Lock nuts

    I do agree with that point. I will rephrase my request. What are some lock nuts that act as a more effective deterrent from theft as opposed to others on the market.

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