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What Petrol To Run?

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Hey guys, sorry I keep making new threads.. Just so much to learn and ask!

Next week, I am getting a custom tune at Forced Performance and Tuning in Toowoomba.

Now I used to fill up at the BP down the road, and I ran 98 octane 99% of the time..

I have recently moved, and my closet petrol station is a united.

They only have ULP91, ULP95 with 10% Ethanol, and 100 Octane fuel.

Im not sure what I should run through it, should I keep visiting the BP and putting 98 in her?

Or is the 100 Octane fine at United..

Ive always seen BP to just have better quality fuel, and always know its good there.

But this 100 octane stuff, could it be just as good?

And before I get my tune, heard a couple of rumours that if I change my oil to 5w/30 Syn Castrol edge oil..

That it will give me a little gain(5rwhp), and is 100% better for my car?

Just want to make sure my car is ready for the tune, and not going to have to pay another $900 Dollars for a tune.

Kind regards.


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Use the factory recommended oil grade, pick a brand you like, change oil regularly- and that means a bit earlier than the factory service intervals (p1ss easy job) and use proprietary brand filters. If you tune for 100 octane you will need to always use that. IMO, use 98.

5 horsepower on 5w/30 - as compared to what grade of "other oil"? IF it was true you would not even feel that sort of gain on the road.

Do the tune and then sit down and decide where you want to go with this car. As we all know, chasing power is costly and a 4 litre N/A can only go so far. Remember that the turbo version of the FG is a real goer ......... so maybe enjoy the N/A for a while and save the bux to buy the Turbo. Sadly, once you drive the T......... you just have to have one of them.

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Yeah, just gonna get it tuned on 98 octane.

In toowoomba, there is alot of crappy survo's.. like they are a locally owned place.. and weather they have 98 or not..

Not going there, ill stay with caltex and BP.

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The 10% ethanol is what gets you the extra power/torque...I found no fuel consumption loss from 98 to 100 E10 due to the added torque the 100 provided at less revs meaning throttle was needed to be leant on less to get to speed limit as 98 would....well that's how I thought it worked as I wasn't penalised so to speak with over 500kms to the tank no worries on 60lb Deka's.

As a standard car when I tried it she did use the extra you would expect.

Have you had a car with this in the tank and tested the ethanol content ratter to see if its 10%?

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As has been stated above, whatever you have in the tank to get it tuned is what you will use from then on - unless you get 2 or 3 tunes for different fuels - therefore if you use United 100, think about where you "MAY" drive the car one day.....will there be a United with 100 there?

Please correct me if I'm wrong, to make 100 octane, United start with ulp 91 and add ethanol to increase the rating to 100....

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Its 98 octane with 10% ethanol giving it the 100octane rating.

94 octane is 91 with 10% ethanol added.

Lower the base number of the fuel then more effective the same amount of ethanol added will be in comparison hence why 91 with 10% gains 3 points and 98 only gets 2 points with the same content added(10%)

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Yeah, I guess ill just get it tuned on 98.

United is getting bigger, but there is always bound to be a BP around somewhere, or a caltex.

And man, toowoomba has like old servo's man, some look dodgy as, I dont even think a second about turning in and filling up, just due to how they look on the outside.. lol.

Presensation is everything I guess xD

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BP on Tor st is pretty tops, caltex's on ruthven are good also, united on west is good and BP on bridge is good.

But for consistent quality based on big turn over I wouldn't go past the BP on Tor.. (Plus it has a bottle-o next door and good tucker next to that)

BP on bridge is over priced as they do driveway service (same with the shell on Anzac)..

Actually the shell on the corner of bridge and holberton is pretty good also..

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Also, just had a little look on wiki about the 'Barra 182' motor, it says..

"More power and torque can be obtained using higher octane fuels, though such figures have never been officially told, close to 199 kW is possible when running Barra182 on RON98 petrol, 402Nm of torque is achievable too"

What do you think of that? Obviously every engine is not the same, but an extra 17kw at the motor, so say roughly that at the wheels.. just on 98?

Reckon is a load of bulls**t?

The guy at Forced Performance tuning said you'd only gain about 2-4rwkw of 98.. Compared to 95 anyway.

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Stick to the 98 the united as stated has ethanol in it around 10%, If you have done the ethanol test you don't get as nearly the same KM out of a tank so the little bit of money you think your saving filling up with anything ethanol your not.

Do you get extra carbon built up with ethanol not sure the tide is still out Ill stay with the proven 98.

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Maybe it would only get 2-4rwkw gain because of the factory tune. When the car detects 95, it would run a more conservative tune. When the car detects 98, it runs a more aggressive tune and therefore gets more power mostly from the tune. Just a theory I have made up, feel free to prove me wrong

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