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What Made You Feel Good Today

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It made me feel good today when I was puttering down the highway with cruise control set on 102 and I got passed and almost clipped by a chick in a Suzuki swift driving like a maniac..

Then 20 minutes down the road seeing her getting booked..

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clicked over the "4"s today (not that it makes me happy) but I bought this car with 40k on the clock 5 years ago It hasn't missed a beat I have serviced it every 7.5k without fail, so that p

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Why you wanna know?

Outsider hasnt got one, nor does he have the slighest clue what is going on between Jason and myself in regards to the purchase of the wagon...

ok well now that you mention this.

what do you say about this daz?

So I am working away up the mines, and always trawling for a bargain old ford on Ebay, etc, they are all out of reach price wise the early x-series as most know, so I'm drawing a bow at xD-f's now.

So anyway, sunday night I spot this listing;

http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/251126837359?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p398 4.m1423.l2649

"Wow" I thought, what a bargain. Even if it's a rust bucket I could turn a handsome profit wrecking it. Gearbox alone is worth the asking price!

So I contacted Rob and struck up the deal, he wanted to move to thailand or somewhere and retire, $8000 was what he wanted and I said hey sure, I'll send a deposit , dependant on an inspection by a friend who is local.

Friend inspects and he tells me to BUY IT! It's ridgy didge and apparently immaculate, running well with a hot cam, prime LTD interior, 9 carat gold plated striker wheels, and a nascar block full of goodies allegedly!

So I get the thumbs up to put down the deposit over netbank, and $500 is recieved no worries on Monday night.

The rest of the week passes and I'm at work thinking daily about what I'm going to do with my new toy, selected personalised plates on PPQ, when is the next powercruise on to rip a skid.

Then today happens.

I hit him up to measure the OD of the trumpets so I can order some unifilter socks because most of them have deteriorated from lack of use.

Then I get a message at lunch time saying that he can't go through with the deal because it is in the ex wifes name and she has just had it towed away!?!?

I try ringing him but he won't answer at all, just text saying he's at the bank returning my deposit, and that women are !@#$ed rha rah rah.

I keep tryin to ring and ring, then get a call from the ex wife!?!?

She reiterates that the car is in her name, is not being sold because it is for their son and worth FAR more than what I was paying! Well no **** lady but fffffuuuuu......

So now the car is gone, I suspect there is a chance someone else turned up with more money and bought it. I would have payed more for it if he asked.


So if anyone knows this car or sees it around (gold coast), I'd like to know about it, so I can ask Rob for a please explain. wazzup.gif

The worst part about this day.

It's my birthday today.

Got a similar relevant story, tell us about it and help me cheer up

your right I dont know whats going on between you and jason.

he posted that and I simply pointed him to your posts on here.

he was under the impression he bought the car.

your telling us you bought the car.

only the two of you know the full story.

feel free to tell us your side.

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Just got a call and booked an interview for a job I applied for,, pretty rapped.. Considering ive never had a job interveiw I am sh*tting my pants and pooing in the toilet at the same time

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Today it Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I walked up to the pay and display parking meter and saw that the kind person in front of me had generously left behind their slip for the entire day...

Who likes free parking? Me!!

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