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Group Buy: Flip Keys For BAs - Finally!!

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From my experience with these lately it is either a faulty transponder or your BEM is locked out of teach
mode. Take it to Ford or just forget it mate. They have the ability to see if the transponder is working and also see all the parameters in the BEM.

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[quote name='EGOXRT' date='29 April 2010 - 12:40 AM' timestamp='1272462015' post='1003965']
Here are some possibilities.

Customer Cannot Teach Transponder

BEM related, Check programmed keys mobilise car.

Customer Key teach mode not enabled.

BEM programmed to disable customer key teach.

Ignition not turned to accessories position.

Low Battery Voltage.

More than one key in antenna field

Wiring fault

TILA fault

Transponder key fault

Take it to Ford and get them to put the car on the WDS and see what is happening.

Thanks for the response. I rang ford today and they quoted me $150 to get the key to work. I happen to know a mate in the industry and is going to have a look at it before I take it to ford. Ill keep you posted.

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where are you Melbourne guys getting these cut I was looking at buying 2 but ask for a price on getting them cut one mr minit said they wont do it unless its there blade!!! pricks!

And the other wanted $50

I see others quoting prices under $30

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