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  1. 6 more to go! thanks GNU UP for posting details of the locksmith!
  2. yup, all keys must be programmed at the same time. other keys are wiped if they are not 8 to go!
  3. if theres enough interest I will arrange another group buy at the same price! can we get 10 people in?
  4. [quote name='JPaulet' date='02 April 2010 - 09:51 AM' timestamp='1270162303' post='996953'] Tried all combinations of pressure, delay and pressure placement. The buttons are dead [/quote] you need to code the buttons to the car as well. • To enter teach mode turn the ignition switch from off to accessories and within 5 seconds press the rear demist switch 3 times. When the mode is entered the door locks will cycle. • Once the mode is entered then all the remote keys will be erased (original keys included). • To teach the keys press any remote keys button (I.e. any of the buttons on any of the remotes you have). • To acknowledge the new key has been stored in memory the door locks will change state then change back again. • Then teach the next key and so on. • Make sure you teach all keys at the same time • Once complete turn off the car and test remotes give the above a try (not with the flip key in the ignition obviously) and let me know you go.
  5. hi guys good to hear your all finding places to get em cut! they do have transponders in them but as per ford instructions if you have 2 original keys you can program it yourself, and just need to get a decent lock smith to cut the key (shouldnt cost more than 30 bux tops)
  6. hey mate I still have a few keys left however they are all for sedans. they will still work on utes however they will have a superfluous boot release button
  7. [quote name='fordriver1' date='17 March 2010 - 10:08 PM' timestamp='1268827696' post='992051'] yeah, and today I doesnt work.... I have 2 original keys, which im using to try to enter program mode. is it first key to ignition- second key to accessories within 5 seconds? [/quote] nope other way around. first to accessories second to ignition
  8. wow that's weird! with the second key are you inserting an original key or the flip key? the first and second key should be original keys, then after it enters programming mode you use the third key.
  9. I believe they are just like that. its not a white white paint on the buttons. if it really bothers you I can swap you one just mail it back to me and ill send you out another
  10. I have registered post numbers. however I sent out 10 keys at the same time so if you want the tracking number pm me your address and ill give you the number. all keys should be delivered by wed at the latest though.
  11. hmm guess registered post isnt as quick as I thought it was!
  12. ill have bf ones in the next week. same price
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