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Found 4 results

  1. It's a very long story so I'm going to try and keep it as short as I possibly can. Last week I had an Antz Performance turbo side induction and battery relocation kit installed in my 2011 FG XR6 Turbo ute, before this kit was installed I had absolutely no problems with my turbo, no problems with boost, the boost has never been altered from factory settings, everything ran as it should. Anyway, I had a professional mechanic who I have been going to for the past couple of years install the kit for me, whenever it comes to anything like the engine or the turbo I always let the professionals handle it. Anyway, the installation went seamlessly, the only thing of note that the mechanic did point out was that the factory intercooler piping was a bastard to work around, but everything eventually fit as it should. One problem he did however notice was that the car was no longer boosting as it should, there were times where you could get it up to 2 or 3 PSI and it would hold, but then drop back to 0 immediately, other times it wouldn't boost at all. I have checked every single inch of piping and tubing coming out of that turbo that leads anywhere, and I have not been able to find a single crack or misfitting part, the old blow off valve port has been blocked off correctly, for all intents and purposes the job was done as it should have been done. I have spoken to the manufacturer, Antz Performance, and they swear that they have never had an issue like this with any of their parts and that it almost certainly would have to be a boost leak somewhere, but as I have said, I have checked all of that and being able to find nothing at all. Some people on other forums have said that it's more than likely that I now probably need a new wastegate, I run that passed the manufacturer and they said that if I was running stock boost there was absolutely no way that I needed a new wastegate simply by adding a turbo side induction kit. Honestly, I don't know what to do here, can anyone possibly give me any leads on what I might be able to do or on what the issue maybe? Anything would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Turbs6

    Boost leak?

    Hey guy, I have a 07 bf xr6t auto stock apart from hotside piping, cooler and tune from previous owner. I recently replaced the rubber joiner on throttle body with silicone hose that stopped boost leak and revs issue. I now however have what seems like an intermittent boost leak from turbo side. Still holds boost but seems to lag heaps down low and I can hear air gushing out. It will only last about 5-10 minutes after start up and then comes good and drives fine. Turn the car off for 10 minutes then start back up I get same issue again which then goes away within a few minutes. Ive checked all piping, vac lines, clamps and anything that could be loose, everything seems to be sweet. Any help appreciated. Cheers!
  3. Hey all, Having a boost issue with my BA (Cooler, 4 inch dump & exhaust, injectors, X4 with custom tune 297kw@14psi, currently running custom 10psi safe tune), 1st will boost to about 5psi the 0psi, 2nd will spool up then 0psi, currently nursing. No fault codes appearing, so far have checked/replaced, -piping, joiners & BOV vacuum lines (replaced the sh*t turbo intake & throttle body joiners & vac lines with silicones and T-bolts) -intake/exhaust & turbo manifold bolts (exhaust manifold bolts were loosish to my suprise) -wastegate solenoid to actuator & turbo lines. (solenoid maintenance at the same time) -wastegate for movement (not sticking) I am leaning towards a failing actuator diaphragm or spring because when I checked that the wastegate was moving it seemed that the spring tension was quite soft (checked the tension on a spare diesel turbo) in comparison. any input is greatly appreciated.
  4. Hey everyone, I just picked up an xr6t ute last night and was giving it a fair bit since I haven't owned a 300kw+ car before, at some point of the night I found out how to take traction control off and got on the brakes, once I clicked 2nd for a while I heard a pop but thought it was from the exhaust end, as of that stage I had lost most of my power, I was still able to cruise the car home doesn't idle bad or anything but its very gutless needless to say I've gone over all my cooler pipe clamps and made sure their secure, it does have 90% stock intercooler pipes, turbosmart bov and an aftermarket actuator, is there anything else one would recommend me going over before taking it to a garage ? - David
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