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  1. Look ma, no hands! https://imgur.com/a/sIBexBi Finally finished up motor mounts. Getting ready to order ARP Studs, ACL HX Bearings, and a Ross Damper. From what I understand, the extra .001 clearance the HX bearings have is prefered in moderate power/bigger boost with these engines. Also, does anyone know of anyone running a spool girdle? The ad says compatible with OEM Windage tray, caps, sump. Its a 10mm. I have read others doing modifications when using the atomic girdle but havent seen any spool examples yet.
  2. @barra67mustang any update on this build? Would you happen to be the other guy in KY?
  3. I set my seat back in the car and tried it out, dont think it will be that bad with a short shifter. Heres a link to an update video I made, haven't had much time lately but when I have I have been hitting the wiring hard lately. I received my 6boost manifold and Atomic timing kit this week, amazingly fast shipping time and email support from Golebys. Thankfully the little wastegate pipe off the manifold does clear the strut tower, but now trying to decide what to do about the big turbo compressor outlet flange bumping into the manifold runners.
  4. Hi CDA, What state are you in? I am working on putting one in a 2002 Mustang
  5. Not a very exciting picture but here is a picture of how too far back the shifter is compared to factory hole in the car. As far as the engine, it hangs in there nicely. Will just need to somehow relocate the cylinder head temp sensor at some point.... Going to space k member 1/2" down mainly to help with transmission placement and then make the decision as to if I shall chop a hole and make the shifter work where it is. This would be much easier if I just gutted interior like proper race car but I dont wanna!
  6. https://pasteboard.co/JMuMYml.jpg Well its finally here. Does anyone have a measurement of the 6boost high mount manifold? I just need from where the flange is against the engine out to the furthest point towards strut tower. I know people have used them in foxbodys I would just like a measurement if possible, thanks!
  7. Good info about the sump swap if needed, thank you! I have been working my way through lots of discussions reading all I can during breaks at work. I too love all the cars, but I love the Fords a little more 🤪
  8. Mannnnnnn I saw that one coming... But not from someone on here! Haha. Yes I know a little of LS land, no I am not interested. Yes it would be cheaper. Sloppy and his memes are #1 though and I have watched some of the youtubes of megasquirt tuning classes he did. Anyways...... Im not 100% sure I'll need a rear sump with the k member I will be using but I may.
  9. Long story short, (kinda)... I installed a Procharger on my 2 valve 4.6 Mustang. Ported heads with decent sized cams but 100% stock bottom end. Put down 442/420 to the wheels. Ran a 11.9 @ 114 mph For sure had more in it if I could drive but only made 1 trip to the track last year. Enjoyed this set up for nearly 2 years. Racing an Evo, the stock powdered rod finally went boom. (Thankfully I won the race) I blew not one but TWO holes in the block. I knew it would happen eventually, had a few things ready like Forged pistons to build a higher powered 4.6 but here I am...
  10. Trying to gather information to start preparing for a Barra swap into an 02 Mustang GT. If there is anyone who could measure from the front of the engine to the shifter on a T56 transmission it would be appreciated. I am also curious to know if there are any downsides to using a BA motor vs BF if I am going to be installing forged rods and pistons anyways.
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