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    XR6 turbos, PS3, computers, music - most sorts, bbqs, family, mates, road trips, movies, the beach - I wanna learn to surf, photography (canon 450d), food.
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  1. Happy Birthday xr6turbs!

  2. Happy Birthday xr6turbs!

  3. Happy Birthday xr6turbs!

  4. @xr6Twolf Definitely go with the C63! they sound way better, better equipment and all the things you have suggested. As much as I love my Xr6 Turbo the demise of the falcon and poor after sales / service by ford have put me off - We have a Golf R32 at home, they VW people know how to look after you always talk to you if you go into the showroom, send emails telling you about new cars, my car is serviced properly the list goes on. (Coming from a ford family of 45+ years) Try the M3 sedan, Audi S4/RS4 or even look at the ISf lexus?
  5. I've got a r32 golf. and the sound is AMAZING and the grip! You can do a lot more fun things in these small cars around corners than our Xr6 turbos!
  6. Happy Birthday xr6turbs!

  7. I am coming all the way from Auckland! Never been to the mighty mountain before. So should be an experience. There from 5th - 8th.
  8. I got my headlight covers from here boys: http://www.airplex.co.nz/ If you are looking for some. I wasn't sure if it would look good on a blue car but it does surprisingly.. Black on black on black would be better obviously. Congrats on the purch and glad you love it, but 8,000kms in a month! Woozers.
  9. I see your Barack Obama call me maybe and do you one better:
  10. Not sure if you guys have it in OZ, but we have the mondeo titanium 2.0 ecoboost - its 149kw.
  11. HAHAHA yeah exactly FOONIN, I got my first one when I was 21 and still get the "boy racer" image. Little things do add up right, wow, 20% to 30% is just a tune away! thanks for the heads up.
  12. That sucks mate, there is no need to have a radio playing while the WOF is getting done?! Forkers. I will keep that Tail shaft loops in mind - I probably wont look for MASS power - just 300 at the wheels! haha With my old car - I ordered one of the JL audio 8in subs, but the place was out of stock. they offered me this DD sub in 8in for a little bit more money, boxed so I took it. I removed the old PIECE of ish and have it sitting in behind my seats. it went pretty hard, and I disconnected the rear speakers for now. when I brought the 07, (I had taken out all my video / audio gear out before I traded in the 04) I was wondering where the sub noise was? the dealer had disconnected it cause it was F'd BIG time, probably should have hit them up about it but couldn't be bothered tad annoyed though. but ahh well pulled it out put the DD in and it works a treat. Indeed I know what you mean, the only people who are allowed to abuse it are the people who PAY for it right?!
  13. @Rhino1980 pretty sure the roadpacer came out in like 1975.....and its now 2012. I haven't driven the 2L yet so I can't tell if it will be good or not. Please if you drive it soon let me know your opinion. no an SR20DET wouldn't be right in a falcon or commodore, but a few nissan guys do convert there RB20 skylines / laurels and cefiros to SR20 DETs (all which are heavy big cars) @TAB - agree with you completely. It is for the fleet buyer. Its not for the big block hoon, however, it could be a refreshing if someone did go and tune one up to be different.
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