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    My Build

    Pretty much... This will give you an idea of what I'm dealing with... This was his response. "With all due respect ----- all the deep pits you see are the deep casting pits. We do not keep digging into them ,,, usually that does more damage than good". Thank you Robbie
  2. HI PSI

    My Build

    Sleeping.. I finally receive the rocker cover back from chroming. My excitement around receiving the cover was short lived. I am absolutely disgusted with the product that I have received, especially for the price paid. I am that downhearted that I don't even want to take pictures of it. I was so looking forward to going for a drive.... What is it with businesses these days?
  3. By the lack of comments, you all must be bored of paint pics. So I'll move it forward a bit. Assembly... Now this took a bit more planning than I initially thought. I should have blasted the bolts and commenced the re-plating process much earlier. This held me up somewhat at the local business I used to plate everything was a little overwhelmed with the workload that placed on them. Albeit a slow process, they did a wonderful job. 😄 Thanks heaps MCX Rockhampton.. I installed Bilstein shocks with Pedders springs. New wheel bearings, hand brake pads and VN
  4. I'm not brand biased. I like lots of cars. It's al about how they make you feel. 😄 We all know that K31th isn't right in the head. Hasn't been for some time.... Love ya work K31th. 😄
  5. It had more in it, but my tuner is lazy. 98 Ron - GTX 4202R
  6. The build was also a means to an end. My ex poisoned my girl's brain and I've had zero access for the over 18 months. The build kept me busy, focused and broke all at once.. 😄 This build (to date) has been exceptional in every regard. The flow of trades and just steer good luck with all aspects has been uncanny. It's like this was meant to be. Let me explain... A very short time after purchasing the short engine and heads. I came across a new ZF S6-40 manual transmission. The same gearbox shared between the C4 Corvette and the VN Group A. Bloody beaut bit
  7. To me, it's an investment. The costs to build the car is very reasonable. I will more than likely double my money in the next 12 months. Besides that, it's a tough streeter. What's not to like? While were on subject of the driveline. I managed to get a hold of Daniel Reid from Reidspeed. He had previously manufactured a few serpentine kits to suit the 2400 Whipple on a Expensive Daewoo V8. Daniel stated that he wasn't making any more, but had the original proof of concept kit that he developed. Indications suggest that it will work with my blower. It should look something lik
  8. Thanks Puff. I can understand why so many divorces result from car builds. The time involved is immense. Let alone the financial commitment. Once I got the engine, I wanted to keep the Grp A theme running... I sourced a set of bare Grp a heads. Unbeknown to me, the heads had a LOT of material removed form the sealing surface. So much so that we had to get a 0.120" head gasket. The heads had received some major porting work and flowed around 640 hp. I had the heads fully reconditioned, with new Manley valves, Isky and Lunati springs along with genuine Grp A roller rocke
  9. Somewhere around this time, I started purchasing parts for the driveline. Now, remember when I said that this was going to be a restoration... This is where things started to change from the intended path. Originally, I had intended on just installing a stroker kit. My engine told me that I would waste my money going down that path, as the standard manifold wouldn't support it to its full potential. I'm not one to waste money. So the original engine and gearbox were put on a pallet and stored. The search for an alternative heart commenced. While searching the net I ca
  10. Before I could start assembling the car, I had to finish the body. I spent a lot of time on the body, making sure that everything was as good as it could be. The results speaks for itself... After the white was applied, the firewall blackout was finalised..
  11. Bonnet and doors received the same treatment. Fully stripped and painted.
  12. As usual, I got a bit carried away with prepping the metal panels, I went a bit nuts and bare metaled everything, inside and out. I seem to have lost a few prep pics from when I was prepping the inner guards. But you get the idea with the pics of the outer skins. I'm sure that you're sick of seeing black stuff, so here is some Alaskan White... Guards, rear bumper, skirts, mudguard supports etc...
  13. Sorry for the lack of updates. Work has had me run off my feet.. After another week of prep. I managed to get some more parts painted black. I always tried to fill the booth as much as I could, So that I could maximise productivity and average down the cost. As I mentioned earlier, I prepped all of the parts and I essentially paid an hourly rate plus materials for the application. Here we have have some of the drip rail trims, sway bars, tank straps, door handles, sway bar mounts, fuel pump/regulator mounts and gear stick tunnel trim. I cannot begin to describe how muc
  14. HI PSI

    Dba t3 5000

    Sure thing... Alcon hat with 365 mm DBA rotor. Modified bracket.... Offset modified by 10 mm. Caliper radius increased by 5 mm.
  15. I just love watching the paint go on, seeing it transform. I was always peering through the window whenever he painted my bits. I'm pretty sure that he thinks that I'm a weirdo.
  16. HI PSI

    Dba t3 5000

    I run two piece rotors on my car. I used an Alcon hat, which allowed me to run a larger 365 mm and it also positioned the rotor 10 mm inboard. This change significantly increased wheel selection.
  17. Only one?? lol Well, I guess that some of you can see where this is headed.. Apologies, I'm in camp and I cannot find any good pics of the suspension components on my laptop. The diff pic will give you an idea of the finished product.
  18. As you can see in the pic above, I still had some rust issues to sort. Fortunately, it was a country car and it only required a few minor repairs. The battery tray was unpicked and a good unit installed and repainted. Minor rust repairs were made to the lower rear screen, boot rubber lip and spare wheel well. We also stripped and primed the roof while we were there. In my spare time I started to prep the suspension components. As with all builds, ever bush joint and bearing has been replaced in the car. All were blasted, primed and pre
  19. HI PSI

    My Build

    Fingers crossed for you mate. Keep us posted.
  20. HI PSI

    My Build

    It fits nice and works well. It's a lot better than the CDI. Worthwhile- I think so, especially if you're chasing power.
  21. I'm never going through that again. I turned the bolt around..
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