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  1. Happy Birthday qwigybo!

  2. This is a cool thread. Been thinking about getting torque and obd2 connector for a while. Definitely getting one now
  3. Happy Birthday qwigybo!

  4. Happy Birthday qwigybo!

  5. Happy Birthday qwigybo!

  6. Thanks for the write up, been tossing up between an xr6t or grange for towing my toy car around with... seeing as it will be around similar weight your write up was very informative
  7. thread revival... was searching some stuff and came across this old classic... definitely worth dragging up again lol
  8. Happy Birthday qwigybo!

  9. qwigybo

    Bye Bye Bracks

    well it would seem his own hoon laws have come back to bite his son in the arse
  10. I got offered 23k for mine trade in
  11. sounds gay, but at least speed bracks is gone now
  12. good reading there, awaiting the next stage "the grunt files"
  13. just wondering where you got the softer spring from as I have put an aftermarket bov on mine and it seems as there isn't enough pressure for the bov to open properly
  14. can my time be updated please 13.2999 @ 103.93 2.0112 60ft 8psi custom tune, 236rwkw factory dunlop sp3000'z

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