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    Cars, Cricket, Aussie Rules and my wife and 3 kids
  1. Happy Birthday xrdreaming!

  2. Happy Birthday xrdreaming!

  3. Happy Birthday xrdreaming!

  4. Happy Birthday shakeranyday!

  5. Happy Birthday undad0g!

  6. Happy Birthday adds_969!

  7. Happy Birthday Maciek!

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  10. Happy Birthday xrdreaming!

  11. Yes mate you will need a torx bit to remove the wheel. please make sure you disconnect the battery and turn on your headlights to discharge any remaining current otherwise you may wear an unwanted airbag to the face.
  12. Geez I have been away for 12 months, but some things never change! Great to see this thread alive and well lol
  13. Try giving Fadi and ASL logistics a call, they are in Melbourne.
  14. So he reveals his cards now. They are money laundering. They put the "shipping agent deposit" into your account and ask you to transfer it via Western Union to the "Shipping agent" After you do that you never hear from them again. You don't actually lose any money just shift money for them.
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