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  1. Happy Birthday xr6turboman!

  2. Happy Birthday xr6turboman!

  3. Happy Birthday xr6turboman!

  4. Yup ive got a similar issue .. along with a poorly aligned tub various other rattles and knocks ive come to the conclusion that its all apart of owning a ford and the best option as stated before is turn stereo up lol
  5. Hello and welcome! I live in palmy (well marton but no one knows where that is) I just traded my xr6t in on an xr8 ute id be keen for a cruise sometime ..
  6. I think its basically been answered but wanna check first you guys are leaving your wheels on when your spraying them? does it matter about over spray on the brakes??
  7. I've been thinking about this for a while but wanted some other peoples opinion ... or someone whos got some photo shop skills ...? I wanna see what it would look like if I painted my black wheels to grey like the other picture also what would it look like if I got my brembos repainted to match my ute colour?? Also is it easy to respray mags myself or should I get someone who knows what theyre doing to do it?? Thanks guys
  8. yep worked a treat it was such a satisfying feeling backing out of my driveway this morning not feeling the rage..
  9. /\/\ I second STM I havn't had any work done with them but theyre good to deal with ... I might give them a call now actually as I need a cai for my xr8 ..
  10. Found it!! 1/Park brake on. 2/Gearshift in Park(Auto),Neutral(Manual) 3/Ignition in "OFF" position. 4/All doors closed. 5/Buckle Drivers seat belt. 6/Turn ignition to the "ON" position(Do not start the engine). 7/Wait until the seat belt warning light turns off. 8/Press and "HOLD" Hazard button. 9/Unbuckle drivers seat belt. 10/Buckle drivers seat belt. 11/Release Hazard button. Confirmation of disabling the belt minder is provided by seat belt warning lamp flashing 5 times. To re enable it simply carry out the same procedure. Courtesy of the ford forums..
  11. I know I don't belong here anymore but this is the best website around for information, also I have searched the forums but am unable to find any info on this sorry if I havn't looked well enough lol. I just recently brought a BF II Xr8 ute absolutely love it but the seatminder drives me nuts when im backing out my long driveway etc... Anyway ive tried about 3 methods, ignition on press and hold hazards buckle and unbuckle seatbelt release hazards, ignition on seatbelt buckled un buckled 9 times and also cycling the ignition key 9 times but none of them work?!?! Do I need to take it to fraud and get them to disable it?? Once again sorry if I am bring up old topics but I couldn't find them if you know of previous threads point me in the direction of them .. and thanks!
  12. Sorry to dig up an old thread but do the BFII have the same PCM as an FG cause RHR's method didn't disable mine :(
  13. about time .. it was almost to good didn't have any time to stop for a pee break haha
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